Renewal of doctors’ contract, pre-agreement signed: average increases of 289 euros per month

The allocation of 618 million euros is expected, with an increase of 289 euros gross per month for 14 months and over 6 thousand euros in arrears per capita

The new contract of the medical and health management, which takes into consideration approximately 135 thousand white coats of the NHS, was signed at the Aran (agency for the negotiation representation of public administrations) by all the trade unions. This is a pre-agreement, with the final signature expected to arrive shortly to allow the agreement to enter into force in 2024.

Zangrillo: “Government confirms interest in public health”

“The contract for the area of ​​healthcare managers was signed today by unions and Aran, the agreement is an important step towards the conclusion of the 2019-2021 contractual round” stated the Minister for Public Administration, Paolo Zangrillo, underlining that : “The agreement concerns approximately 135 thousand employees including doctors and managers of the healthcare professions and provides for important improvements in working conditions, from working hours to emergency availability and medical guards, as well as salary increases of up to almost 300 euros. The government confirms in this way its great attention to public health, with an eye towards the past, to recognize the healthcare personnel for what they have done in the difficult years of the pandemic, but also to look with serenity to the future of a strategic sector for the country. of contracts – continues Zangrillo – is a fundamental step for the care of public employees, whose motivation is fundamental to ensure effective and efficient services for citizens and businesses. When I arrived at the ministry last autumn, there were still 2.4 million public employees whose 2019-2021 contracts had not been renewed, which we are now about to close.”

Anaao Secretary: “Stop working hours for free”

The Anaao Assomed doctors’ union, together with all the unions representing healthcare and veterinary managers, commented on the agreement as follows: “We are satisfied – declares the national secretary Pierino Di Silverio – because the signed text manages to guarantee colleagues better working conditions than the current ones. Thanks to the agreement reached – explains Di Silverio – we have obtained some results that we can define as historic: we have cleared the land of the hours ‘gifted’ to companies; we have ensured the careers of managers; we have ensured rest; we have ensured the payment of extra hours; we have defined the rules for doctors in training employed in the NHS and who, thanks to the Calabria Decree, will be able to enjoy rights never recognized until today and no longer be considered stopgaps; finally, we have tried to bring the daily work of medical and healthcare managers returns to normal, avoiding globetrotting doctors and defining the place of work. As regards the economic part – he continues -, we have always known that this would not be a multi-figure contract because the allocation set in the budget two years ago was small”. The arrears as of 31 October 2023 instead amount to 10,757 average gross euros “We have laid the foundations for the idea of ​​our work to change – concludes Di Silverio – and to be seen and experienced less and less as a professional cage. Now we will need to act to change the laws and get away from outdated logic.”

President Aran: “Great satisfaction”

“Great satisfaction for the signing of the proposed contract for the area of ​​healthcare managers, after 7 months of intense negotiations” underlines the president of Aran, Antonio Naddeo, at the end of today’s meeting at the Agency’s headquarters. “This adds a fundamental piece to the conclusion of the contractual round for the 2019-21 three-year period. A contract that concerns approximately 135 thousand medical, veterinary and healthcare managers”. In terms of financial treatment, the contract recognizes overall average monthly increases of 289 euros for 13 months and arrears of between 6 thousand and over 10 thousand euros per capita, which will be paid upon final signature at the end of the control process. In addition to the fundamental aspect of economic increases, the agreement provides for very important improvements regarding the regulatory treatment of staff in terms of working hours, ready availability and medical guards. I thank the trade unions with whom there has always been a loyal collaboration, despite the lively dialectic”, concludes the president of Aran.