Renzi against everyone, from the EU to the Meloni government from Schlein to Conte: what he said

The leader of Italia Viva shoots nothing at the party convention. And it also has some for Di Maio

The “fruitless” EU, devoid of foreign policy “despite the fundamental contribution of Luigi Di Maio”. Schlein’s PD is “a university collective”, the Democratic secretary is one who “won the primaries and then canceled them”, Giorgia Meloni “chameleon-like” and “incoherent”. Salvini “a national disgrace”, Nordio “hostage” of the majority. Lollobrigida “incapable of understanding what institutions are” like Delmastro. Conte the theorist of “free as a style of government”. It’s a Renzi against everyone who spoke today at the national assembly of Italia Viva in Rome.

The EU and the Europeans

“Europe needs the United States of Europe. We need to abolish the principle of unanimity because as long as it exists, there is no future for the EU. It is a bandwagon from 27 countries where even Hungary allows itself to veto on Ukraine”, stated Renzi in his speech at the national assembly of Italia Viva. “We have 27 European commissioners, we cannot go on like this, there must be a maximum of 18-20 and the others to go around. If we don’t have a system with transnational lists and direct elections of the President of the Commission – says leader IV – we are not credible in wanting to bring democracy to others. Europe is fruitlesshas a devastating demographic and economic decline, on a political level it is not considered as before: we are running in Europe to wake up this country and this continent”.

“The elections of 9 June – recalls Renzi – are based on the possibility of having a majority similar to the one that has existed up to now, which holds together the popular family, the socialist family, Renew Europe. Every effort aimed at building this the majority sees us convincingly in favour. Anyone who, in the name of personalistic needs, ideological prejudices or vetoes, refuses a unitary perspective does damage to Europe” and “the culture of Visegrad and the no’s will win”, he warns.

“Europe at the moment – denounces Renzi – it has no foreign policy. There is no Europe in foreign policy in Ukraine, it is not there in Tel Aviv, it is not there in the Gulf despite the fundamental contribution of Luigi Di Maio… it is not there in Africa and it is not there in South East Asia”.


So the former prime minister points the finger at the Prime Minister. “Giorgia Meloni on the EU, she has stopped saying that she wants to leave the euro, she has stopped so much that she doesn’t even remember it; he changed his position on NATO; he has changed his mind on energy, previously he said no to drilling; is preparing to ratify the ESM“she is “the most chameleonic woman that Italian politics has ever had and telling her this makes her nervous – says Renzi -. Meloni’s problem is that she is surrounded by people who always say yes to her and when she finds someone who opposes her she gets nervous. I have some good news for you: I intend to use all the parliamentary spaces to nail her to her inconsistencies“.


Renzi then uses the weapon of irony against the deputy prime minister and transport minister Salvini. “Delayed trains from Florence see some of our trains stopped in Orvieto for an hour. We asked the right-wing government one thing: that the trains arrive on time, like when he was there. But since Salvini has been there it has been a national disgrace the situation. But in the meantime the good Salvini brings together the sovereignists in Florence, he has chosen the right city: the only city that is by definition a universal city, the Florentines have made the money thanks to globalization. Salvini chose to stay at the Fortezza da Basso which today is Devolezza da Basso because there is no one there, many people gave him the trash, poor Salvini. If he cared a little more about trains, or maybe it’s better not to…”, he comments sarcastically.


Break a spear for the Keeper of the Seals instead. “On justice I want to make an appeal: free the soldier Nordio, you are holding him hostage. His ideas are blocked by a political force that has nothing to do with guarantees. The Brothers of Italy are not guaranteeists and never will be, they will never carry out a justice reform. We are on justice reform, they are not because they don’t know how to do justice reform, they don’t know what a guarantee reform is.”

Lollobrigida and Delmastro

No regard, however, for the Minister of Agriculture Lollobrigida and his ‘stopping on request’ of the train: “If he had admitted the slightness it would have been serious but the controversy would have stopped after a minute, instead Minister Lollobrigida he theorizes his right to do as he pleases with everyone’s trains. Same attitude that leads Delmastro to say ‘but I had the card and I passed it past me’. An attitude that betrays an inability to understand what institutions are, they’re not bad, they just can’t do it.”

The Democratic Party and Elly Shclein

The current Dem leadership is also in the sights of the former PD secretary. “In Schlein’s PD the Catholic world acts as a fig leaf and has no possibility of influencing a party led with the logic of the student assembly. Elly’s PD – he attacks – is led by a group of people who seem to have emerged from the student occupation, the collective”.

“Who is Elly Schlein? She is the one who won the primaries and then canceled the primaries. I come from the Democratic Party which was born on a few but clear things, the first: the primaries are being held”. And again, insists leader IV, “Schlein said no to Renato Soru because in Sardinia a grillina called Todde is white. I don’t know what Soru will do, what is certain is that he left the Democratic Party because it is not his Democratic Party. The Democratic Party that was holding the primaries is now letting Rome choose.”

With you

A jab also at the leader of the 5 Star Movement. “For Giuseppe Conte everything is free, he theorizes gratuitousness as a style of government and he doesn’t realize that we are putting all our families into debt for the next generations.”