Renzi and Calenda, meeting today to decide on Third Polo at the European Championships

The meeting, originally scheduled for Saturday, will be held this evening at Palazzo Madama

“I will participate in the meeting of senators”, convened by the president of the Action-Italy group alive in the Senate, Raffaella Paita. Matteo Renzi confirmed it speaking last night on ‘In Onda’ on La7. The meeting, originally scheduled for Saturday, will be held this evening at 21. At the center of the meeting at Palazzo Madama will be the future holding of the joint parliamentary group of Action and Italia Viva.

The words of Matteo Renzi

“I believe – added Renzi speaking of the Az-Iv alliance – that there is a political space for the Third Pole but suddenly Calenda has decided to attack with tones that are typical of the grillini”. “After that – he concluded – the point is whether or not the Renew Europe project is carried out in Italy. Carlo said no and then said the opposite, he changes his mind according to the last statement, but the point is whether we want to a journey together. After that, I don’t accept the justicialist attitude, which attacks me on the level of monsterification”.

“Action to clarify lists at the European elections”

“A clarification will be necessary at the meeting – they let Iv know, reports Repubblica – our will is clear, and it is to have unitary lists, in the European elections”. Furthermore “The tone must change – they add from Iv – we need accents and tones, from Calenda, that respect our community”. This is an “essential” point.

The fight

In recent days, an article that appeared in the columns of the newspaper directed by Matteo Renzi has rekindled the clash. “Action loses attraction”, headlined the newspaper with Calenda who commented ironically: “Even today, tons of background and Il Riformista performing its noble role as an independent newspaper”. “The parliamentary groups will discuss”, he added, making doubts about his actual presence at the assembly of senators.

The assumptions about the strategy

In the meantime, Renzi has welcomed into his party several members of the Roman Action secretariat (already “disheartened” for some time, they explain from Action). With the arrival of Enrico Borghi, Renzi has reached the threshold of forming an autonomous group with the name of his party. He can therefore allow himself the luxury of breaking, forcing the five Action senators to merge into the Misto group. The harshness reached by the personal challenge between the two leaders would suggest an almost obvious epilogue. Even if, during the meeting of Iv’s parliamentarians, Renzi reaffirmed his will not to break. And among the deputies of IV, there are those who do not give up expressing disagreement with any operation of wear or tear. “Let’s stop before we all end up in a ravine”, says Luigi Marattin. Who relaunches: “we aim to build a single and stronger list at the European Championships”.