Renzi attacks Conte and the Movement: “5 Stars will not arrive intact in the 2023 elections”

The leader of Italia viva accuses the former premier: many things to clarify, “like the arrival of the Russians at the beginning of the pandemic”. And the president of the 5 Stars invites Renzi to go to Copasir to report his suspicions

“Incompetent and unable to know the rules of the game”. Thus the leader of Italy alive Matteo Renzi continues to attack the former premier Giuseppe Conte. The president of the 5 Star Movement invited Renzi to report his suspicions on relations between Russia and Italy during the two Conte governments to Copasir. “I have no suspicions about Conte, I have certainties”, Matteo Renzi said yesterday in a video. “You, dear Giuseppe Conte, have many things you are not talking about, such as the arrival of the Russians at the beginning of the pandemic”.

The documents that reopen the debate

The challenge between the two was rekindled on Tuesday, after the publication by Repubblica of an article that seems to support the thesis of a political direction behind the meeting in Rome between the leaders of the 007 Americans and Italians in the summer of 2019. that occasion there was talk of Renzi as the author of “Russiagate”, the attempt to influence the 2016 US elections that saw Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. To this accusation, the leader of Italia viva immediately replies with a tweet: “Obama and I organizing an electoral scam against Trump? Pure madness”. Giuseppe Conte is instead credited with organizing the meeting in Rome between the director of the security information department Gennaro Vecchione and the American secretary for justice Bill Barr. The article also talks about a dinner in which Vecchione and Barr would have taken part, followed by a series of questions about the role of the then Prime Minister Conte.

Renzi: my plot against Trump? “Crazy Theory”

La Repubblica, as Renzi writes in his Enews, “explains why there are black holes in Conte’s reconstruction of the strange story of August-September 2019, when the exponents of the American administration came to Italy in search of an alleged plot by me plot against President Trump. I consider this hypothesis madness and even more insane it seems to me who gave it credit. I asked Italian intelligence for clarity. And I’m not doing it for myself, but for the dignity of the Italian institutions “, concludes Renzi.

Conte invites Renzi to report to Copasir

The challenge between the two leaders could therefore soon move to Copasir. It was the president of the 5 Stars himself who invited Renzi to go before the Parliamentary Committee. “I wonder: is it possible that Senator Renzi has never felt the duty, in all this time, to go and report to Copasir on these suspicions of his? Why doesn’t it go, as I always did, to report what he knows? are you afraid that you will then have to answer the questions of the Copasir members and be obliged, by law, to report the whole truth? “. However, the Committee has already taken action in this regard. “Recently” explained the president Adolfo Urso on La7, “Copasir made some in-depth studies. At the end of the in-depth analysis we will make evaluations and make them public, if we decide to make them public “.

Renzi: in the elections of 2023 “5 stars disintegrated”

But the leader of Italia viva does not delay the response. “Conte raises and attacks me, but in that affair he did not behave well”, he said when interviewed by the Press. For Renzi, during the visit to Rome of the former US secretary of justice William Barr, Conte “was committed to saving the chair.” Regarding the invitation to report to the Parliamentary Committee, Renzi replied: “I am always ready to answer Copasir’s questions, but Conte must answer on Barr’s visit and not me. Because the answers must be given by those who were delegated to the services. “The Movement, Renzi affirms in the interview, will not reach the next elections:” We will vote in 2023 with another political scenario and the disintegrated 5 Stars “. Conte” has done everything and the opposite of everything “concludes Renzi.” He was sovereign and progressive, populist and democratic, pro Trump and pro Putin “.