Renzi, Cassation confirms parents acquittal for false invoices

The former Prime Minister: “A process that should never have been opened is closing

The Cassation confirmed the acquittal of Tiziano Renzi and his wife Laura Bovoli, parents of the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and current leader of Italia Viva, in the process for issuing false invoices. In particular, the judges of the Supreme Court declared inadmissible the appeal of the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of Florence against the acquittal sentence handed down on 18 October 2022. With the sentence, however, the appeal of the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal was accepted of Florence, canceling the acquittal sentence issued against Luigi Dagostino for a new trial to another section of the Court of Appeal of Florence “limited to the crime under item 3 pursuant to article 48 of the penal code, 2 legislative decree no. 74 of 2000”.

In addition, the supreme judges rejected the appeal brought by Dagostino against the conviction issued by the Court of Appeal of Florence on 18 October 2022 for the crime “referred to in chapter 4, pursuant to articles 640, 61, n.7 and 11, of the penal code and sentenced him to pay the costs of the proceedings as well as to refund the expenses of representation and defense incurred in the present proceedings by the civil party Tramor srl liquidated in a total of 3,300 euros, plus legal accessories”.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision closes a trial, the one against my parents, which should never have been opened. Only the obstinate and ideological stubbornness of the Florence prosecutor’s office has forced the Italian state to spend hundreds of thousands euro of the taxpayer for a legally non-existent affair”, says Renzi.

“There is no compensation for the suffering of the whole family in recent years. But the definitive acquittal proves – once again – that fighting in court and stating the truth is the most serious way of respecting the institutions against those who use certain powers of attorney as a political weapon against opponents”, he concludes.