Renzi, editorial on Meloni: “Letta, Saviano and Murgia are his best friends”

The leader of Italia Viva criticizes the left-wing intelligentsia on the pages of “his” newspaper on newsstands today. “The Schlein-Conte wide field? A failed war machine”

Matteo Renzi in his editorial on today’s Reformist attacks the “heroes” of the left – political and cultural – who, due to their inflexible opposition, according to him, end up being Giorgia Meloni’s best friends. “So they will remain in opposition for the next 30 years”, is Renzi’s prediction that really has something for everyone. “Time will tell if Giorgia Meloni is a capable premier or not. The first months of government do not see great results ”, says the leader of Italia Viva. “But the leader of the Brothers of Italy has an extraordinary advantage that it would be wrong to underestimate: she is full of friends, especially on the other side of the field”. That is, again according to Renzi, those who for months have been lowering their tone on the dangers of his decisions. And he mentions names and surnames: “The Enrico Lettas, the Roberto Savianos, the Michela Murgias work full-time to make her the pivot of Italian politics for today and tomorrow”.

Renzi also speaks out on the wide field Elly Schlein and Giuseppe Conte

Renzi’s editorial is flanked by a blow-up of Cardinal Zuppi, engaged in these hours in a very delicate peace mission in Ukraine (“Come on Don Matteo”, is the incitement). For the leader of Italia Viva, a very different opposition would be needed aimed at highlighting all his political contradictions, rather than chasing the “ghosts of the past” by denouncing the danger of fascism at every turn. And in parallel formulate concrete alternative proposals “on taxes, on safety, on work, on infrastructures”. Renzi also pronounces on the wide field between Elly Schlein’s Pd and Giuseppe Conte’s M5S, which if it were to be born would be a “bankruptcy, improbable joyful war machine”.