Renzi government: “Meloni is holding up, if she has problems the grillini will help”

And on Calenda the leader of Italia Viva says: “Inexplicable break even for insiders”

“If everything goes as it should go, Meloni reaches 2027 but changes the composition of the government after the Europeans. If they then mess up, then the prime minister also risks”. said the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, in an interview with La Repubblica’, excluding his possible support for the premier: “No one believes it, not even Meloni. If the premier has problems, help will come from the grillini. But knowing her he will do everything to avoid beating Conte in. He keeps him warm by satisfying him with the Bonafedes on duty, but he’s not his type”.

Speaking of what happened with Calenda, Renzi underlines that “the break is inexplicable even for insiders. There must be a reformist alternative to Meloni’s sovereignty and Schlein’s extremism. Italian society is asking for it, not me”. “We are committed to making a single list for the 2024 European elections, open to Più Europa and civic forces. It means aiming for 10% to be decisive in Europe and credible in Italy. We are here. We will see if the national Action assembly he will change line and why,” adds Renzi, explaining that the accusations that Calenda addresses him do not disturb him: “I am shown every day by grillini and executioners, on a personal level it is nothing new for me. I did not expect it from those who define themselves liberal and guarantor but I have a strong character and I see politics as a space for ideas, not for personal grudges or envies”.

What if it’s just an ego clash between her and Calenda? “I appointed Calenda deputy minister, ambassador, minister. I supported him for the European Parliament, for the Municipality of Rome, as leader of the Third Pole. I transferred him one and a half million euros from the funds of Italia viva for the billboard campaigns with his face. I don’t think I’m the problem, really”.