Renzi: “Meloni prime minister who increases taxes”. Israel? “Escalation already begun”

The IV leader: “Am I the government’s crutch? Absolutely not”

Meloni seen as a prime minister who increases taxes at the head of a government that has not solved a single problem in an international context in which the EU, without a leader, does not touch the ball while in Israel the escalation has perhaps already begun. This is the dark picture outlined by Matteo Renzi, today’s guest on In half an hour.

“Meloni has made a budget law that increases taxes. The Prime Minister, who is very empathetic, is a woman who often indulges in victimhood – says Renzi -, on the merits of the Budget law, on which a Prime Minister goes judged, increased taxes.” A change of pace compared to the center-right executives led by Silvio Berlusconi. “The center-right with Berlusconi was paying taxes, according to Reagan’s principle he didn’t want taxes. With Giorgia Meloni – reiterates the leader of IV – increase taxes”.

As for his possible contribution, the former prime minister clarifies: “I give a hand to the country, not to those who raise taxes. If I am told you are ready to act as a crutch for the Meloni government, absolutely not. For two reasons – Renzi lists -: the voters voted us in opposition and I believe that the Meloni government is not responding to the Italians, It didn’t solve a problem“.

Despite this, Renzi sees no yielding in the executive. “I’ll make a prediction, I think the majority’s hold is very solid. They don’t divide, it’s not the Democratic Party that divides into 28 parties, they go to 2027. The estate of the majority is not at risk, that of the accounts and families is very much at risk“, he comments.

The conflict in Israel

As for the international crisis which now sees the war between Israel and Hamas in the foreground, Renzi is far from optimistic. “We are one step away from escalation, perhaps the escalation has already begun. Hamas chose the last good moment to blow everything up”, he states in reference to the agreement that was about to be reached, with US mediation, between Israel and the moderate Arab countries. “In the plan of the moderate Arab countries – says Renzi – not there was an underestimation of Palestine. In the deals they were making with Israel there was a lot of money for the Palestinians.”

But once everything collapsed after the attack on 7 October, Europe’s voice was missing for Renzi. “The European Union doesn’t touch the ball because it has no leaders. Point. The EU must be clear: Hamas is a terrorist organization that did to Israel what ISIS did. Then the Palestinians have the right to have a state, but who is holding them prisoners? Israel’s bombs? No, those of Hamas.”