Renzi on Sky TG24: “If Pd excludes us, it is out of personal grudges”

“I have put the discussion points on the table, I am talking about concrete things. We will give a speech of truth and courage to the country”, explained the former premier to the microphones of Start, on Sky TG24. And on the Lega-Russia case he says: “It is right that Salvini clarifies his relations with Moscow, I have asked this several times in Parliament”

“Read, in an interview, said ‘Renzi no’. If this is the line of the Democratic Party we take note, but these are things that concern personal grudges rather than politics”. To speak to the microphones of Start, on Sky TG24, is the leader of Italia viva Matteo Renzi. Calenda? “Carlo must decide whether to ally with the Democratic Party or do a central thing, if he does the second I prefer it, if he chooses the Democratic Party, good luck”, says the former prime minister (LIVE UPDATES ON THE POLITICAL DAY – ALL THE VIDEOS ON THE NEXT ELECTIONS – THE SPECIAL ON THE CRISIS).

Historical responsibility

“Whoever sent Draghi home must know that he will pay a historical responsibility,” Renzi said. “The economic situation of the country and of Europe is very serious, America is in recession, Europe is suffering, I would have preferred to have steering wheel of the Italian car Mario Draghi and not anyone else ”. And again: “The debate that Italian politics is having is not serious, it seems like a game of couples. The situation is problematic, there is inflation, war, and the political class discusses how to save three armchairs, three chairs. important, but ideas come after “. “On the right they had different ideas throughout the legislature – explained Renzi – so much so that they had different positions on governments. On the other hand, how do you keep those who don’t want the regasification plant together with those who want nuclear power? “.” Speaking of the environment – recalls the former Prime Minister – if we don’t have energy self-sufficiency, it’s because everyone has agreement against us not to tap and drill. In that group there were the radical left, Salvini, Meloni and pieces of the Democratic Party “.

The “League-Russia” case

Speaking then of the relations between the League and Russia, the leader of Italia viva thinks that Salvini must clarify. “I have asked this several times in Parliament. Today, however, who asks Salvini to throw away all the shadows, has he reflected on what the Conte government did when it brought the Russian soldiers to Italy? “. The reference is to the arrival in Italy, during the pandemic two years ago, of a Russian delegation made up more of soldiers than doctors, the subject of parliamentary questions and hearings at Copasir. Speaking then of the writings that appear during the interview on the TV screen, Renzi specifies: “I read ‘Salvini must clarify’, perhaps it is more correct ‘Salvini and Conte must clarify'”. “On Russia – adds Renzi – we need to be intellectually honest, and say that Giorgia Meloni had no uncertainties on these issues”.