Renzi on Sky Tg24: “Irpef for farmers? Meloni increases taxes, but the citizen pays them”

The leader of Italia Viva guest on Start on Sky TG24. On the individual motion of no confidence in the Minister of Agriculture Lollobrigida says: “He is there because he is Giorgia Meloni’s brother-in-law, he must be judged on the results”. And he sends his best wishes to Defense Minister Guido Crosetto who is hospitalized

“My government has removed the Imu, the Irpef, the Irap. What did the Meloni, Lollobrigida and Salvini governments do? They reintroduced the agricultural Ipef for 248 million, this six weeks ago, in everyone’s silence. Only we said, you’re making a mistake.” Thus the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, guest of Start on Sky TG24. “Meloni increases taxes – continues Renzi – but the citizen at the supermarket pays them. They have returned to pre-Renzi. Being able to judge politicians because they are nice and nice, they make slogans for Made in Italy, but then they slap you with taxes”.

Lollobrigida? He is there so that his brother-in-law, prime minister, is judged on results

Renzi then returns to the topic of the individual motion of no confidence against the Fratelli d’Italia exponent and Minister of Agriculture: “Lollobrigida is not at the Ministry of Agriculture for his expertise in the matter but because he is the prime minister’s brother-in-law and I would like that it was judged on the results”, says the leader of Italia Viva, guest of Start on Sky Tg24. “We want clarity – he adds – not only on agricultural income tax or on the Crea commissionerate or on certain choices made by the ministry, such as that of increasing taxes on farmers but increasing expenses for its secretaries, because we still want to know what happened on the famous train and we wait for Salvini to come to the Chamber.” “That ministry – reiterates leader IV – needs a competent person, not a brother-in-law”.

Best wishes to Crosetto

“A big hug to Guido Crosetto, he is an opponent and a dear friend. He had already had some problems a few years ago, but Crosetto’s big heart holds up. We are waiting for him in Parliament to fight as always”, the leader of Italy then said Hurray for the Defense Minister’s hospitalization for a heart problem.

Third term? No for mayors

Third term for mayors? “In my opinion, no, for me it is right that there are only two mandates. We can discuss the regional presidents. Ten years with the mayor’s powers are enough. Then for Zaia and Bonaccini in my opinion we should think about it”, said Matteo Renzi .

“I’m running for the European elections”

“I don’t know if I’ll be at the top of the list or in what position on the list. The issue is that I’m very worried about the situation in Europe, a spectator who doesn’t touch the ball. Since I think we need a strong voice from Italy in Europe, someone less pay attention to the right grimaces on TV but to the contents, then I’m running”, says Matteo Renzi.