Renzi opens the Leopolda: “With Draghi instead of Conte, Italy can have its say in Europe”

The leader of Italia Viva recalls the government crisis opened by his party: “He meant putting Figliuolo in place of Arcuri, it means putting vaccination on the launch pad. We saved the country from the populist tragicomic experience ”. And he adds: “Say hello to anyone who says we’re going with Meloni, they didn’t understand anything”

“Putting Draghi in place of Conte meant putting Figliuolo in place of Arcuri, it means having put the vaccination on the launch pad, it means having greeted Inspector Arcuri and his wheeled benches, his masks, his fans”. This was said by Matteo Renzi in the early evening of “Leopolda 11” in Florence, recalling the government crisis that began with the resignation of the then ministers of Italy Viva Teresa Bellanova and Elena Bonetti and of the undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto. Then he attacks: “Is it possible that the political forces will not agree to make a commission of inquiry on how the money from the Covid tenders has been spent?”. And he adds: “Say hello to anyone who says we’re going with Meloni, they haven’t understood anything”.

“Italia Viva saved the country from the populist tragicomic experience”

Speaking of the fall of the Count bis and the advent of the current government led by Mario Draghi, Renzi continues: “It means having enabled this country to go to Europe and have its say, and not to go and take notes. And let me say that that story is due to the courage not mine, not of Teresa, Elena and Ivan, but of many of you who believed in it when it seemed impossible to believe it “. “The most beautiful thing that Italia Viva does – he adds – is not only having saved the country from the tragicomic populist experience and having led Mario Draghi to lead Italy, something we are proud of, the most beautiful thing that Iv does and the Iv only makes you bet on the boys. ” “Let’s give a sign of friendship to Giuseppe Conte – he then says ironically – There are moments that even those who don’t like us need solidarity, yesterday I saw him in a situation that hurts his heart, Di Maio already has him. makes shoes. Conte was used to giving the line to Tg1. I launch an appeal to the CEO of Rai, give Rai gulp to Giuseppe Conte “.

“From 12 January on the web Radio Leopolda”

Radio Leopolda, the Italia Viva web radio, will be born on 12 January, Renzi then announces. “The radio becomes our way of starting to tell and tell ourselves – he explains – It will become the occasion in which the parliamentarians will be able to have the directives, the regional councilors, the people of the clubs, a constant opportunity for communicative organization, also because we do not have never room to be able to make our voices heard, when we go on TV they are often wars in the mud. “The radio, he adds,” will be one of the great elements that will conclude the Leopolda, there are 50 days to go. “” Then the next week there is it is the small detail that the President of the Republic must be elected – concludes the leader of IV ironically – but these are things … we will talk about them on Sunday “.