Renzi seeks compensation from Travaglio for defamation

For today’s edition of Fatto Quotidiano

Matteo Renzi seeks compensation from Marco Travaglio and the Fatto Quotidiano for defamation. “Senator Matteo Renzi has given a mandate to his lawyers to pronounce an action for damages against the Fatto Quotidiano for the defamation contained in today’s edition of the newspaper directed by Marco Travaglio”, announces the press office of Italia Viva.

Renzi’s legal action is linked to today’s edition of the newspaper directed by Travaglio and comes within two days of the televised confrontation between the leader of Italia Viva and the journalist at Otto e mezzo, on La7. “To destroy the Fatto Quotidiano, the offender Marco Travaglio is enough, because he is a serial defamer, he is a European champion of defamation … Il Fatto Quotidiano is the annuity for me and my family …”, Renzi said during the transmission by referring to the lawsuits already filed in the past.