Renzi to the ‘Reformist’, Feltri: “I don’t mind, he says things that the left doesn’t say”

“Conflict of interest? One can be a journalist and a politician very well, I don’t see the problem”

Renzi at the helm of the ‘Reformist’? “I am convinced that he will be able to do it. Renzi is anything but stupid, I really like it. Sure, he’s made a lot of whores** in his life, especially in politics and, in my opinion, even undeservedly, he’s been put in a corner. But I believe that he will be able to do well, at least I hope so. ” So Vittorio Feltri comment to Adnkronos on the news that Matteo Renzi will be at the helm of the ‘Reformist’ as director.

We know Renzi: he says things that the left doesn’t normally say – articulates the founder of ‘Libero’ – So, I don’t mind at all. Because the clichés of the left are what prevent the left from progressing: the clichés, conformism, the famous homosexual rights, these things that nobody gives a shit about”, Feltri punctuates with his usual sharp irony.

On a hypothetical ‘conflict of interest’ between the role of editor of a newspaper and that of politician, which Renzi will not leave, Feltri is clear: “One can very well be a journalist and a politicianI don’t understand where is the problem. Yes, there is the prejudice that when you write the pieces you are misled, but I don’t believe in this”. More than anything else, explains the director, “the point is that the conductor’s job is not only to write the part is less important. It’s a different job than writing a piece, actually that’s the least important part. I think Renzi will need a co-director or a deputy director, because one is not that you can improvise. It’s a trade, like the shoemaker: if you’ve never done it, don’t invent it”.