Renzi welcomes Enrico Borghi after his farewell to the Democratic Party: “Project Italia Viva grows”

“I am happy that our paths are crossing again today. The reformist project is growing”, said the former premier on social networks on the entry of the former Democratic Party senator into the IV-Azione group of Palazzo Madama. Boccia: “Now he has to leave Copasir”

“I have known and respected Enrico Borghi for many years. I am happy that our paths cross again today. The reformist project is growing. And it is a project that Italy needs”. Matteo Renzi thus welcomed the senator’s entry into the IV-Action group of Palazzo Madama after his farewell to the Democratic Party announced today in Repubblica. Borghi explained that he left the party led by Elly Schlein because “it has become the home of a maximalist left, daughter of the American cancel culture which does not synthesise and does not dialogue”. Then he underlined that his move to Matteo Renzi’s Italia Viva was motivated by the “new reformist project alternative to the right and distinct from this Pd”.

Enrico Borghi: “Moderate electorate needs a home”

Borghi said he was convinced that there is “a moderate electorate that needs a home. We must prevent Giorgia Meloni’s project of launching a takeover bid on moderate Italians from going through”. Then he stated: “I did several interviews after Schlein’s election and I raised the issues of security and defence, of Catholics and democrats, of a need for a synthesis between cultures. I have not received any response on these topics and as we know in politics silences count more than words spoken.Instead I heard clear words on another side, namely on the rented uterus: the Pd secretary said she was in favor counting, goodness of hers, to talk about it with the party she leads “.

Risk that Meloni will take “a piece of the reflective and Catholic world”

The new senator of Italia Viva, also in Repubblica, said that there is “a path of cultural homologation, dictated by external powers, which speaks of the weak and then facilitates the exploitation of the weakest”. Borghi refers to “a culture that comes from the United States. A very strong push to talk about rights detached from duties”. Then he reiterated that his decision “is an individual choice. I do not cause divisions and I do not proselytise”. For the senator “if a political space is not organized, we will arrive at a Meloni who will take over a reflective and Catholic piece of the world”. Borghi specified that he believes that Renzi “could contribute to the birth of a new subject together with other figures”.

Boccia: “Now Borghi is leaving Copasir”

Borghi had been indicated by the Democratic Party as a member of Copasir. “If I had been president” of the Commission “I would have resigned”, he commented, “but by remaining in my position as an opposition parliamentarian, I respect parliamentary practice and also the role for which I was nominated”. The president of the senators dem Francesco Boccia also spoke on the issue in the evening. “I am embittered on a personal level and disappointed on a political level. I learned of Enrico Borghi’s decision by reading the first press review tonight. Obviously today I spoke to him and formally asked him to leave Copasir, because in bodies like that one represents a party and not in a personal capacity”. Then Boccia continued: “It seems to me that the best comment was made by the leadership group of the Pd in ​​his area. Personally I think that we are not in Parliament to represent only ourselves. And I honestly do not see the reasons that motivate his choice, nor on the merits, nor in the method. We discuss, we discuss, there are different sensitivities, but the Democratic Party is a large community. As with all the senators of the group, I had a personal conversation with him, to discuss his work in the Copasir and to understand what other commitments there might be for him”.