Research, Fgu-Anpri assembly: “Stop discrimination between Epr”

National coordinator Eleuterio Spiriti: “Giving funds even to those not supervised by the Mur”

Enough “discrimination” and give “immediately funds also to research institutions unsupervised by Ministry of University and Research“. It is in a climate of “deep discontent” that the National Assembly of EPR personnel is unfolding today in Rome, at the Istat headquarters, which brings together the union Fgu– Unams Guild Federation Research Department Anpri section together with the other category names. “Discrimination of personnel between public research bodies is unacceptable (epr) supervised by the Mur and not” underlines Eleuterio Spiriti, national coordinator of Fgu Research Department Anpri Section.

“The additional resources should be used for career progression and for employees in general, not for performance-related bonuses that demean teamwork and the specificity of activity in institutions. The reform of the professional system must give value to all personnel” scans.

“Since the first draft of the 2022 Budget Law, in November 2021, we signaled – continues Spiriti – that it represented a discriminatory choice to allocate the 40 million euros for professional development only to the staff of research institutions supervised by the Ministry of the University and of research, forgetting the employees of crucial institutions, also with a view to creating the Pnrr, such as Anpal, Asi, Crea, Enea, Inail in the research sector, Inapp, Isin, Ispra, Iss and Istat”.

Spiriti warns: “So far we have only heard promises and this also negatively affects the negotiations at Aran for the renewal of the contract in the ‘Education and Research’ sector”. In fact, Spiriti finally points out, “the need to give answers to researchers, technologists and technical-administrative staff is not fully understood both as regards the professional organization and with respect to smart working, teleworking and, indeed, the distribution of additional resources “.