Resistance, La Russa: “I apologize to those who felt offended”

The president of the Senate makes amends after the sentences he pronounced on the Via Rasella massacre: “I was wrong in not pointing out that the Germans killed were Nazis”. Pd attacks: “An apology is not enough”

“I sincerely regret that in the context of a long interview given to Libero, following my few words in response to a specific question on the specious criticisms addressed to Giorgia Meloni on the occasion of the celebrations for the Fosse Ardeatine massacre – to which I have more often participated with deep indignation and emotion – a wider polemic has arisen than the one I wanted to close.In this regard, I have no difficulty in specifying that I was wrong in not pointing out that the Germans killed in via Rasella were Nazi soldiers but I thought it was obvious and obvious as well as notorious”. Thus the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa.

“I don’t know if the news, published several times and which I took for granted, that the South Tyrolean reservists employed in the German Police were also part of the military band of the corps is actually wrong – adds the second state official -. it is certain, it is precisely to avoid controversy that I deliberately abstained from saying that many, including those on the left, were very critical of the partisan action in via Rasella. I limited myself to saying ‘it was not one of the most glorious pages of the Resistance partisan’. Without prejudice to the people who commented speciously and in prevented bad faithinstead I want to apologize to those who, even on the strength of inaccurate reports, have nevertheless found reasons to feel offended”.

PD – But the controversy does not subside. For the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, “Is La Russa suitable to fill the role of president of the Senate? No. I also said it yesterday: La Russa’s words are unacceptable” all the more for “the role he covers”. “And an apology is not enough” by La Russa, adds Schlein. “It’s not even the first time, it’s a daily story: there is an attempt to rewrite history, trying to deny the contribution of the Resistance and anti-fascism to the writing of the Constitution in which everyone, especially those with institutional roles, should recognize”.

According to Stephen Bonaccini “Here we are no longer in the field of gaffes. La Russa has strung together a series of them and it seems to me I can say that the second position in the state is held by a person who is not capable of holding that position”. “Revisionism is carried out by telling lies only because one is afraid of certifying that Italy is a Republic born on anti-fascism. What should we do, go back to saying that fascism and Nazism have also done good things? Are we kidding? If La Russa wants , do I take him with me to Marzabotto or to Susano’s ‘hole’ where the Nazis threw babies into the air and shot them? Why did this happen”. “For me, La Russa’s words are shameful.

M5S – “The president of the Senate, beyond the fact that he is the second office in the state, often indulges in botched revisionisms. He does historical analysis, which is a serious matter, a sort of Russian salad. This boutade they are not acceptable by those who hold the role of second office of the state”, says the M5S leader Giuseppe With you on the sidelines of the construction event in Rome. As for “asking for his resignation at every issue of La Russa – he adds – he should have already resigned many times. We are confident that he will continue in his office with greater responsibility”.

To increase the dose is also the secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni: “La Russa’s words are truly worthy of the worst fascist revisionist junk, and it is evident that he is incompatible with the office he holds, because his words shame the republican institutions. The truth is, he should just step down and it won’t do it, but at least spare the country and the Italians the shame that continues a few weeks after April 25 of trying to rewrite history”.

Even harsher tones from the spokesman of the Unione Popolare Luigi de Magistris for which “Ignazio La Russa, who has the bust of Mussolini at home, he is a fascist who has become president of the Senate in defiance of the Constitution. He will and will do everything to change history with a process of revisionism. It is always the task of the anti-fascists to put history right”.

The League dissociates itself stating, with Senator Claudio Durigon, that “fascism and Nazi-fascism have somehow ruined Italy in those years and I don’t think they can ever come back today, fortunately for us. Anti-fascism was certainly, with the partisans, a thing very useful to Italy and if we have this democracy today it is thanks to this”.