Resounding return to television, the famous conductor is ready: indiscretion bomb

The famous presenter prepares the sensational return to television, it seems to be ready: here is the indiscretion bomb that shakes the TV

It would seem that everything is ready for his return. There is the network, there is the program and there are even colleagues. The conductor, in fact, should not be alone, but accompanied by a highly respected colleague. Do you want to know who we are talking about? If you are curious, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Famous host returns to television: sensational (Source: Pixabay)

Resounding return to television, the famous conductor is ready

A sensational return to Italian television is approaching. The famous conductor, much loved by the public, was spotted in the company of two other colleagues. Together they took a photo, which was then posted on social media. From there, a series of rumors ran after each other, but the most well-founded would speak of his sensational return to the small screen.

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His last television appearance is now dated. The public misses her, but may soon be satisfied. The famous presenter, in fact, seems to be about to return to conducting a television program. He will not be alone: ​​next to him there should be another presenter much loved by Italian viewers. Do you want to know who we are talking about?

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In recent days, Enrico Mentana, director of Tg La7, published a photo on social media in the company of Michele Santoro, historical journalist and TV presenter. Mentana, smiling in the photo, wrote: “We are preparing a beautiful thing for January. Thing? Good question“.


The shot and the words published by Mentana obviously went around the web. Both he and Santoro are very popular with the public and seeing them together in a program would be truly a dream. And it seems that the dream may soon become reality.

As reported by TvBlog, in fact, Michele Santoro would be preparing his return to the network of Urbano Cairo, the very one who holds the share record. The journalist and TV presenter should return to La7 with a program together with Enrico Mentana. The broadcast would be broadcast on Wednesday in prime time, taking the place of Massimo Giletti’s “Non è l’Arena”, moved to Sunday evening. It would be a sensational return, certainly very welcome by the public.