Retired at age 11: the story of a very young Australian influencer

Retire at age 11. It is the path chosen by Pixie Curties, a very young Australian influencer who, after having accumulated a small fortune also thanks to social networks, has chosen together with her family to devote herself entirely to studying. Her mother confirmed this in an interview granted to the portal.

A success story born during the pandemic

During the pandemic, Pixie, who has an Instagram profile followed by 123,000 followers, set up a small empire thanks to the online sale of hair products, headbands, bows and various accessories, managing to generate, only in the first month of her entrepreneurial project , about 200 thousand dollars in sales. And she then comes to own, although she is still a long way from driving it, a Mercedes Benz Gl worth $ 270,000. Now however, the choice to stop, to devote himself to something more important. “Pixie made this decision to focus on her future at school,” said her mother, Roxy Jacenko. The decision, explained the woman, was not taken lightly but was agreed at the family level. “In recent months, We discussed the company’s plans for the future and decided that while it’s been an amazing journey that started about three years ago, it was time to refocus on the imminent start of a new educational path.” The entrepreneurial activity, concluded Pixie’s mother, will remain active but will be managed differently from the past “with much less time and pressure to dedicate” for the very young influencer.