Returning to his roots Ricardo Montaner presented his album ‘TANGO’ in an intimate ceremony

Ricardo Montaner crowned his roots and his love for Argentina in an unprecedented show. The appointment was in the historical Little Angels Cafenotable bar in Buenos Aires (where Carlos Gardel himself established his “bar” and sang eternal tango verses).

The presentation of his new album TANGO It was filled with emotions, personalities from the world of entertainment, top-level artists and a multitude of fans who were desperate for a photograph with the icon of the Latin American song. The show could be seen around the world live via streaming.

Mau and Ricky, Marlene Montaner, Stefi Roitman, Guillermo Francella, Palito Ortega, Alejandro Lerner, Claudia Villafañe, Jésica Cirio, Diego Nuñez, Lalo Fransen, Ariel Ardit, Nani Bargianoamong others, enjoyed this historic night of the successful singer born in Argentina.

Montaner accompanied by the orchestra of the master Andres Linetzky moved to tears the select audience of this unforgettable night dedicated to his dear friend Gerardo Rozin who prompted him to record this wonderful tango album.

Between anecdotes and memories of his childhood at Valentin Alsina, Ricardo made this evening a tribute to his love for music that marked him forever.

Tango by Ricardo Montaner

Ricardo Montaner released the most heartfelt album of his career: “Tango”. A tribute to his childhood in Argentina, an album that represents the promise that the artist made to his father, his grandfather and his audience.

A tireless traveler, Ricardo Montaner traveled the world a thousand times, but with the compass of his personal compass marking the direction of the road in reverse. The winds and the years drove him away, but always a little piece of his heart kept looking south, to that south that saw him born in Valentin AlsinaTango neighborhood par excellence, where he spent the first years of his life.

Despite having become great in the Caribbean and from there having conquered the four cardinal points, the south continued to mark for him a pulse of emotion in the memory of his elders.

“It was natural, almost inevitable, to record a tango album. that’s why I decided to travel to the past to honor my roots, that’s why I produced this album”Montaner comments.

A project like this had to be carried out going to the roots and respecting the legacy of those who wrote the history of the genre. That is why the studio that MONTANER chose to record “TANGO” is the same in which several of the figures in the history of this genre recorded their most memorable albums: The ION Studio, located since 1956 in an old house in the Balvanera neighborhood, in downtown Buenos Aires.

In this emblematic place, Ricardo brought together a typical orchestra of twelve members made up of the most outstanding instrumentalists of the genre, who were conducted by Maestro Andres Linetzky, who was also in charge of arranging the eleven songs on the album.

The idea from the beginning was to search for the essence of Tango.

Tango what sounds like tango, in the voice of Ricardo Montaner. Recorded in completely analog form, the same microphones were used with which some immortal pieces of the genre were recorded.

With the set up of the room by Jorge “El Portugués” Da Silva, who at 87 years old has participated in countless sessions in that studio and under the careful quality control of Osvaldo Acedo, who recorded Goyeneche and Piazzolla, among others.

The album is a journey to the roots of the artist, where the material recorded with the rigor and fidelity that tango requires was mixed and finished using the best technology of today.

“Little Blue Room”, “Nothing”, “Nostalgias”, “One”, “The Day You Love Me”, “The Last Cup”are some of the unforgettable songs that are included in the album.

The video for the first single “The day you Love Me”which has already passed 38 MILLION of views on YouTube, was filmed by Marlene Montaner and Lautaro Espósito with production by Diego Tucci at the iconic “Café De Los Angelitos” in Buenos Aires, Argentina; place that since the late 1800’s is part of the history of tango.

Montaner expressed about his new album “Tango”: “It is a project that represents a dream that I began to develop many years ago. This tango album is to fulfill a promise I made to my father, my grandfather and my childhood in Valentín Alsina, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born”.