Reunion Club Dogo, three concerts at the Forum in Milan. Dates

After the mysterious banners that appeared in the most representative places of the city and the video trailer with the extraordinary participation of Claudio Santamaria and the mayor of Milan Beppe SalaClub Dogo reveal what form their reunion will take, greeted with enthusiasm (over 300 thousand followers gathered in three days on the new official Instagram profile @clubdogo, more than 10 million views, over half a million likes on the trailer in the first 24 hours ).


The first act of the new triumvirate of Gué, Jake La Furia and Don Joe will be a return to the stage, and to the city that raised them and that they were able to tell better than anyone else: on 10, 11 and 14 March 2024 the appointment is at Mediolanum Forum, for three concerts.

Club Dogo, a group founded by rappers Gué and Jake La Furia and producer Don Joe, are an institution of Italian hip hop. In 2003 they released their first self-produced album, Fist me, considered a milestone of the genre; the record passes from hand to hand among fans, starting from Milan to conquer all of Italy, ferrying them from the underground to the charts with the subsequent works, which made the history of rap. Together they released seven albums, first breaking the glass ceiling that confined rap to a league of its own. With their crew, the Dogo Gang, they also helped bring success to many cult artists: one name above all, Marracash.