Riccardo Guarnieri “post holidays”: the rider shows himself without a shirt in the gym

Riccardo Guarnieri “post holidays”: the rider shows himself without a shirt in the gym in a video shared in his Instagram stories.

The new episodes of Men and women they returned to Canale 5 from Monday 9 January 2023. After the usual Christmas break, Maria De Filippi’s dating show has returned to keep the public company, which for years has been following the events of the most famous throne on TV with passion for years. With many new faces in the studio, but also historical protagonists.

Riccardo to Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

Among the latter there is also him, Riccardo Guarnieri, the tarantino knight who, after a period of absence, returned to the program to find love on tv. With the departure of his former historian Ida Platano, who left the studio with Alessandro Vicinanza, Riccardo continues his acquaintance with Gloria. An attendance made up of ups and downs, which does not seem to take off: will the two find a meeting point? Waiting to find out more, let’s take a look at Riccardo’s Instagram channel, followed by 267,000 followers. It is precisely in his stories that, a few hours ago, the rider shared some videos without a shirt during training in the gym. Riccardo shows his “post-holiday” physique, let’s take a look.

Men and Women, Riccardo Guarnieri shows himself without a shirt in the gym: “It could have been worse”

He is one of the absolute protagonists of the throne Over by Men and women. Where he met the one who was his partner for years, but without a happy ending. The love story between Ida and Richard is definitively over and, today, the Brescian lady is happily linked to Alessandro Vicinanza, known precisely in the Canale 5 program. Will Riccardo have the same luck and will he find the woman who will make his heart beat again? Waiting to find out, we show you some ‘social’ images of the Taranto knight. Not everyone knows it, but Riccardo is very followed up Instagramas happens to many protagonists of the Canale 5 broadcast. And it is precisely on Instagram that Riccardo shares some images of his days, just as has happened in the past few hours.

In his stories, Riccardo shared some images directly from the gym, showing off her post holiday physique. “It could have been worse”, wrote the rider accompanying the video, in which he wears only a gray suit, no shirt. Curious to see Riccardo in a ‘sport’ version? Take a look:

richard without shirt
Riccardo in the gym (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

Oh yes, despite the Christmas ‘binges’, Riccardo is in splendid shape. Will 2023 be the right year for him to meet true love on TV? We just have to follow the next episodes of the program to find out all the news: appointment from Monday to Friday at 2.45 pm, on Canale 5. The previews of the latest recordings are crackling: we will see some good ones.