Richard Gere: age, wife, children and the disease he suffers from but that no one knows

Internationally renowned actor but what do we know about Richard Gere’s private life and his illness? All about the well-known character

Class of ’49, born in Philadelphia, the beloved Richard Gere he is a world famous actor and it is impossible not to remember him in pretty woman along with the gorgeous Julia Roberts. Although this is a film from the 90s, it still garners huge hype today. But what do we know about the actor?

Richard Gere, all about the actor: private life and illness – Credits: Instagram (

Has today 73 years old and behind him a career that has given him a lot of satisfaction on the small and big screen. The success that in these years he has managed to achieve as an actor is undoubted and he is still loved today for his performances.

While we’re aware of her successes in front of the camera, we’re also curious to tell you a few more details about hers private life. The actor had 2 wives before marrying thecurrent wife with whom he had two children in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Few people know that Richard Gere is suffering from an illness which apparently seems to be very widespread in America. Let’s find out more.

Richard Gere, who is his wife and the disease she suffers from

Who is there Richard Gere’s wife? Is called Alejandra Silva and she is Spanish. She is active in the field of marketing, together with the actor she built her family by giving birth to Alexander Gere in 2019 and her second child was born in 2020.

Richard Gere’s private and sentimental life was quite eventful. Before the current life partner, the actor was married two more times first with supermodel Cindy Crowford with whom he had his first child and then with actress Carey Lawell.

richard gere wife and illness
Richard Gere, who is his wife and the disease she suffers from – Credits: Instagram (

What do we know instead of his illness? Perhaps few people know that the actor is affected by ‘Lyme Boreons‘. It is said, according to some rumors circulating on the web that Richard Gere discovered the disease in the 2000s when he was busy on the set of the film Autumn in New York. The disease, which apparently would be contracted with a mosquito bite, causes a strong sense of exhaustion and tiredness.

The actor in the hospital

The conditions of the 73-year-old actor have caused some concern because it seems that he was hospitalized in Mexico where he is on vacation with his family to celebrate his wife Alejandra’s 40th birthday. This is the news that was first released by TMZ. The actor would have ended up in the hospital due to bad pneumonia. After undergoing the right treatments, however, his health conditions seem to have improved. His wife Alejandra showed her a shot on social media in which, although the actor wears a mask, they appear in company.