Ridaje, the start up that is good for people and urban greenery

A start-up that is good for people and the environment. AND’ Ridajethe Roman start-up that offers a second chance to homeless and marginalized people, training them as urban gardeners for the recovery of abandoned green areas in cities. There start-upstherefore, accompanies homeless people on a reintegration path that provides opportunities for professional training and employment as urban gardeners for the redevelopment of abandoned green areas, psychological support and housing support.

Ridaje is a project of social entrepreneurship which demonstrates how it is possible to do business by generating a social impact of high value for all the subjects and realities involved: not only the recovery of marginalized people who work as urban gardeners on the redevelopment of the public green, but also companies, citizens, traders and neighborhood committees who, through the adoption of available green areas, participate as active citizens in the common good. The project, born in 2019 from the idea of ​​a team of professionals who are experts in social entrepreneurship, has already achieved important results which confirm the strength of its model, which links business to solidarity.

Between results most significant: 50 trained urban gardeners, of which 16 hired; 115 thousand euros the value of the recovery projects carried out; 18 green areas adopted; partnerships with other social impact entities such as the Custodians of Beauty; birth of Casa Ridaje for the homeless. After being selected by the Ferrovie dello Stato acceleration program, Ridaje aims to consolidate its business model in order to structure the company so as to be able to manage public contracts and private works such as the redevelopment of the spaces adjacent to the stations. In 3 years Ridaje has generated a social impact of 700 thousand euros and the goal for the next 3 years is to reach 3 million euros.