Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, son’s name revealed after a year

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On the eve of the first birthday of the firstborn of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky the media, col Daily Mail in the lead, they report an update regarding the child’s nameremained shrouded in mystery until today by the will of the parents.
The little one, born on May 13, would be called RZA Atheltston Mayersa name that is inspired by that of RZA, born Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, actor, record producer and director, as well as a member of the hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan.

Privacy and the son (who now has a name)

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s first child couldn’t have a name that didn’t have to do with mom and dad’s music, passion and main activity. According to the source, also taken from Page Sixthere would no longer be any doubts about the child’s name from the illustrious parents they were quite undecided on how to name the eldest of the family (which was revealed by the singer’s father of Diamonds in an interview last February in which the man said the couple had changed the baby’s name several times in search of the perfect one).
Feeling not obligated to give the baby a certain name at the time of its birth, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky would act like another set of parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who for a long time could not find a suitable name for their second son, Aire, who was at first called Wolf.
Hesitation on the name aside, the pop star and the rapper have, on the other hand, been very much in agreement in the do not expose the child to the curiosity of the media for the first seven months of its birth.

In fact, if the couple made a lot of public life during the months of pregnancy, they then chose to keep the baby away from the spotlight and by journalists for many months showing the small for the first time Alone last February when the first shots of the photo shoot exclusively for British Vogue and published in the March issue of the magazine.
On that occasion Rihanna, also the protagonist of the main interview of the number, spoke about hers life of an artist mothera subject that in any case he faces with pleasure and on every occasion.

At the recent Met Gala she said enthusiastic about his son and excited about the second coming. As is known, during the historic performance at the Super Bowl last March, the singer revealed to the world that she was pregnant for the second time.

Rihanna: the family before the new album

Rihanna said she was in love with her son to the point of obsession but being so taken by her task as a mother did not make her lose sight of her passions: music and fashion, mainly.
The singer and businesswoman is back from the exploit of Met Galaatriumphal appearance on the arm of her partner who made many think – thanks to the white haute couture dress that looked like a wedding dress – that she had sealed the cards with the rapper in great secrecy (a Rihanna thing, actually).
Marriage hypothesis aside, it’s actually a great time for the superstar enjoying the family satisfaction putting them before the requests of those who would like it in the recording room to conclude theawaited new album which should be released by 2023.
The conditional is a must because the release of the disc has been postponed many times. The singer clarified that she is not interested in following the rules and that at this stage of her life she is determined to live very freely. Same goes for marriage. Once upon a time the singer dreamed of getting married first and then having a child but the plans of her destiny have reserved a different path for her which today she does not deny at all. Fans of her just have to adore her anyway and wait for the news that will arrive in the times that she herself will have decided.