Rihanna, from motherhood to the Super Bowl: the interview with British Vogue

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“Oh, my God, that’s legendary.” Nine months after the birth of the baby (with a still secret name) from her partner A$AP Rocky, Rihanna thus described the new era of maternity. In an interview given to British Vogue the 35-year-old pop star posed for the first time with her son in a shooting that immediately went viral. “That’s all. You don’t remember your life before, it’s the strangest thing. You literally try to remember her, but the feelings, the desires, the things you value, everything, you no longer identify with thatwhy don’t you even allow yourself to go so far with your mind, because it doesn’t matter anymore”. The Barbadian artist continued: “Basically, from one person I became two. You enter the hospital as a couple and leave as a family of three. It’s crazy. And the first few days are crazy. You do not sleep. For nothing. Not even if I wanted to. We went home, we had no one. It was just us parents and our baby. You’re a zombie most of the time.” The love for the little one soon doubled: on February 12, during the highly anticipated Super Bowl Halftime Show performance which sanctioned his return to the stage after seven years, Rihanna has revealed the second pregnancy. It’s also a golden age professionally for the nine-time Grammy-winning pop star: she has received the first Oscar nomination in the Best Original Song category for the track Lift me uptaken from the soundtrack of the film Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverand rumors about the release of a new album (the latest, Antidates back to 2016) and about the start of a new tour.


Rihanna said she especially appreciated the mornings in the company of the baby with “her little face that wakes up”, and thus described the relationship with her partner for the past three years: “We are best friends with a child. We have to be on the same wavelength, but that’s always been the case in our relationship. Everything changes when a baby is born, but I’d say it’s only brought us closer together”. A$AP Rocky wanted a baby boy, and Rihanna is now “the girl trying to get into the boy club” since the baby “is obsessed with his father”. The pop star later joked: “”I didn’t deliver you me? What’s going on?” The complicity between father and son also emerges from similar outfits, such as a mini-kilt worn by the baby over a pair of Rihanna’s hole-in-the-wall jeans. “I like to dress him in clothes that don’t look like kids. I like to dare. I dress him in floral dresses. I dress him in pink clothes. I like. I think fluidity in fashion is best. I always shop in the men’s department, you know.” Rihanna’s same entrepreneurial projects, dedicated to the inclusive lines of Fenty’s beauty and underwear products, could in the future also include collections for babies. “Often, when you are looking for something specific for your child, you risk not finding it because fashion for the little ones is currently boring. They have to be cooler.” Currently, the coolest of all for the pop star are the parents who raise their children while they work. Becoming a parent, she said, allows you to develop “a different respect for mothers and fathers”.


Rihanna also commented the looks worn by women during and after pregnancy. If, in the first case, getting dressed is “child’s play, in the second case the situation becomes more complicated: “The week I came home from the hospital, I only wore loose-fitting sweaters and sweatshirts. But the following weeks, you don’t know what to wear. Everything is too small or too big”. Already Blake Lively, who had called the choice of clothes after the birth “alienating and depressing”, had complained of a similar problem. Rihanna then advised women to wait to buy new clothes: “Otherwise you end up buying so many clothes that you don’t use. Well, unless you get pregnant again”.


In 2018, Rihanna turned down an offer from the National Football League to perform on the Super Bowl Halftime Show in solidarity with quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was suspended by the NFL for refusing to stand up during the national anthem in protest against injustice. and the oppressions suffered by the black minority in the United States. This year, Rihanna has instead agreed to represent the community from the stage, with a powerful message reinforced, once again, by her recent motherhood. “Naturally, Raising a young black boy is one of the scariest responsibilities in life”. However, there is also the desire to have fun and amuse “the people who love my music”.