Rihanna’s father found out she was pregnant by seeing her at the Super Bowl

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Ronald Fenty said he was thrilled with daughter Rihanna’s second pregnancy. A pregnancy announced to the world during the Super Bowl (PHOTO). Ronald himself learned the news last February 12, while he was admiring his daughter’s performance from the stands. “When I saw her I was so excited,” he said on Monday, Feb. 20, in an interview with TMZ. “I just hope she has 10 fingers and 10 toes. I wish she was one Sissy: I already have two grandchildren, and I would love to have a granddaughter”.

Rihanna’s second pregnancy

Rihanna, pop star and entrepreneur, was the star of Super Bowl 2023, with a medley of her hits. During the opening number, she showed off her baby bump wrapped in a red tracksuit, revealing that she was pregnant with her. ASAP Rocky, her companion and father of her firstborn, was on the sideline of her intent on filming and encouraging her. Together since 2020, after working together on the remix of the song Cockiness (Love It)the two have become parents of a boy in May 2022.

Ronald FentyRihanna’s father approves the report. “I’ve met ASAP a few times: he’s a very nice person, I like him. I think she’s a great dad, and I know her Rihanna is a great mom.” The singer of Monsters she loves children and is over the moon about this second pregnancy. “He’s so happy. She always talked about having a son. She said she wanted more than a baby, maybe Three” said the father.

In truth, relations between Rihanna and her father have not always been serene. He has suffered from alcohol and drug addictions in the past, she accused him of having exploited her name only for economic gain. Then the withdrawal of the charges, the cancellation of the cause, and the definitive rapprochement which took place in 2021. Now Ronald is part of his daughter’s life, and is often with his grandson.

Rihanna and motherhood

In 2019, Rihanna told Essence how much her mom is an inspiration and an incredible example (the woman, Monica Braithwaite, was married to Ronald Fenty for a decade, before separating in 2002).

I am a black woman. I come from a black woman, who comes from a black woman, who comes from a black woman, and I will give birth to a black woman. That’s who I am,” she recounted. “My mom showed me how to overcome obstacles in life. I’m sure her mother taught him that, and that’s how I’m going to do it. We are flawless, we are special and the world will have to deal with this”.