Rimini, 21-year-old Sicilian YouTuber arrested for sexual assault on a minor

Morbid messages and threats found on the minor’s cell phone: “I’ll kill you, I’ll stab you”

A 21-year-old Sicilian YouTuber, resident in the province of Trapani, has been arrested today at the request of the Rimini Prosecutor’s Office for sexual violence, stalking and threats against a minor. Searches were carried out and material seized in the house, the lawyer Gaetano Vivona informed Adnkronos.

According to what is stated in the precautionary custody order, an “infinity of messages” were found by the minor’s mother on her son’s cell phone, from which “a morbid interest on the part of the suspect towards” the young man was evident. The investigation was triggered by the complaint filed by the woman last April, when “the suspect had reached her home demanding the presence of her son to beat him”. “The messages – we read – reported petulant requests to know where and who he was with, requests to send photos of his surroundings to attest to the truth of the answers, messages in which he wrote to him “I love you… you are mine.. I’ll break your face if you go with the others.”

The investigations revealed that the 21-year-old would have met the minor at least twice between 2021 and 2022 and on the occasion of one of these meetings, faced with the minor’s refusal to comply with his requests, he threatened him, as reported in the order by saying “I will set fire to your mother’s car and I will harm both her and your entire family” . Following the minor’s decision to interrupt any type of relationship with the suspect, even changing the various nicknames in video games, the 21-year-old still managed to track him down on the various servers, “repeating his persecutory and defamatory conduct, to the point that some creators of the games they were forced to ban him so he wouldn’t participate.”

The YouTuber then returned to threaten, including death, the minor and his mother from September 2022 to February 2023, with phrases such as “I’ll kill you, I’ll stab you”.