Rishi Sunak investigated in UK for conflict of interest

British Tory Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is under administrative investigation into a suspected family conflict of interest. The BBC reports it. The story concerns a childcare facility, the subject of legislative projects promoted by the government, in which Sunak’s wife – a very rich heiress and businesswoman of Indian origins – appears to have had business interests that the prime minister would not have declared at the time .

Sunak has always denied violations

The investigation does not assume the hypothesis of a crime and does not involve the police or judicial bodies for now, but is the result of the initiative of an independent parliamentary body called to evaluate any violations of the rules and standards of behavior envisaged for elected officials and government men. Sunak has always denied any violation in the so-called declarations of interest presented by him over the years, since his election as deputy in 2015 and the assumption of the first government positions in 2018: including in the case in question. However, the oppositions, led by Labor, have raised suspicions, bringing the dossier before the office of the Commissioner for Standards, led by a senior official responsible for the body. Hence today’s announcement of this facility’s decision to proceed with a formal review. “It will be a question of whether Rishi Sunak’s declaration of personal and family interests at the time was open and frank,” said a spokesperson for the Commissioner. Downing Street for his part let it be known that he expected a verdict in favor of the prime minister. Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, is the daughter of one of India’s wealthiest businessmen.