“Risk of extinction with artificial intelligence”: alarm from Big Tech

Warning in a letter signed by 350 industry leaders, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

“Mitigate i extinction risks posed by Artificial Intelligence must be a global priority together with other risks for society such as pandemics and nuclear war”. This is what the summary reads, and alarming statement signed by more than 350 AI researchers and industry leadersincluding Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, and 38 members of Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence unit.

The letter, released by the Center for AI Safety, is the latest in a series of warnings about the potential risks of this new technology such as the appeal signed at the end of March by over a thousand academics, representatives of the world of business and technology.

“We need to spread awareness of what is at stake before having fruitful discussions,” said Dan Hendrycks, president of the Center, explaining the choice to limit the letter to a single sentence to “show that the risks are serious enough as to need proportionate proposals”.