Rita Dalla Chiesa: “In the field with Forza Italia to bring my battles from TV to the classroom”

The host at Adnkronos defends Meloni after criticism for the rape video: “ Attacked in every way, it is political impropriety ”

Come on Italy it is a moderate party, it has always been my home, I’ve been working for Mediaset for almost 40 years, if another party had asked me to, I probably wouldn’t have accepted ”. Thus the journalist and well-known TV presenter Rita Dalla Chiesa
to Adnkronos on his candidacy with Forza Italia in an armored seat, like leaders to the proportional of the Chamber, in the Molfetta-Bari college, in Puglia. On how her candidacy with Forza Italia was born, the daughter of General Carlo Alberto, killed by the mafia says: “First I was contacted by the senator Licia Ronzulli who wanted to probe and figure out if I wanted to run or not and then called the president Berlusconi”.

How does it feel to go from TV to politics? ” On the one hand it scares me a lot – admits Dalla Chiesa – on the other it gives me the opportunity to do what I have always done on television. I have always had all my battles on TV, if they elect me I will finally be able to do them from within and I will be able to give my contribution and my experience as a woman of the people who goes around the street, because I, unlike politicians, live in the real world . People help each other by being with them. ” It is not the first time that Rita Dalla Chiesa has been asked to go into politics: “The Melons in 2015 he asked me to run for mayor of Rome – he says – but I refused there because it was a candidacy that would have made anyone tremble. Governing a city like Rome is very difficult. Now years have passed and it is a different thing – continues Dalla Chiesa – I like to go and talk to people and there Puglia it is a land that I love very much and where I spend a lot of time. I also worked in Puglia ”.

On the Center-right coalition the presenter adds: ” I am with Forza Italia but I love both Meloni and Salvini very much. They are people with whom I have always gotten along very well over the years and I will be in solidarity with them ”. Commenting on the avalanche of criticisms received by the leader of Fdi after the publication of the video of the rape in Piacenza, Rita Dalla Chiesa says: “I have always been someone who tries to mediate and hates the pointing finger. They are attacking Meloni in every possible and imaginable way and I find this a political incorrectness. People more than pointing fingers, alliances and armchairs want to have content. I am a woman of the people, now if you go to the supermarket you realize that there has been a crazy price increase. People want to understand how to do it. to get to the end of the month and we need a political class to unite to help them and that’s what I will try to do in my small way ”.

Finally on the controversy social for his choice to take the field with Berlusconi and who also bring up his father, Dalla Chiesa concludes: “ But daughter has forbidden me to go on social networks. I’m used to the bad things they write to me, I often went to the carabinieri to report them – confesses the presenter – but what do they know about what my father would have thought? What do they know if my father would not have been happy to know that his daughter has decided to fight for the rights of the others? ”.

(by Alisa Toaff)