Riverdale 6, many surprises in the first episode of the new season aired in the USA

It brings a new air to Riverdale, the town from which the name of the Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa show that just debuted in the United States with the sixth season comes from. The novelties of the plot are evident already in the first episode which marks a heavy implication for one of the components of the main cast.

The first shocking episode: Welcome to Rivervale

The sixth season of “Riverdale” aims even higher. In the new episodes the show aired on CW pushes even more on the horror and macabre component by experimenting narrative situations that will have heavy consequences on the future plot that below we anticipate is that represent spoilers for those who are not up to date with watching the episodes.

Inspired by important films in the genre, such as the recent and appreciated “Midsommar” and the classic of the seventies “The Wicker Man”, the opening episode of the sixth season offers viewers an implication that has raised several questions about the intentions of the authors of the series.
In Rivervale, the new city of horror, dark and terrible things happen. Cheryl, actress Madelaine Petsch, and her coven, committed to convincing people to enter her maple syrup business, organize rituals to scare off citizens. To have the worst is Archie, played by KJ Apa: the boy receives a call in the middle of the night and by deception is instead kidnapped and tied up by the coven that has chosen him as a human sacrifice to offer to the pagan gods to ensure benevolence and a abundant harvest. Archie is then stabbed to death by Cheryl who extracts his heart to show it to the townspeople.

The comment of the showrunner Aguirre-Sacasa

The shock of viewers in the United States has sparked a debate on social media that has reached this point where the season has not yet made its debut. So the comments that contain spoilers are chased with the public wondering if Archie Andrews is really dead. Even showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa does not clarify or confirm anything about it, who, regarding the first episode, instead stated that he was openly inspired by the film “The Wicker Man”In which the protagonist of the film, a policeman always on the right side of the story, is sacrificed. Aguirre-Sacasa advises fans to enjoy the journey of the sixth season which will be articulated and full of twists: the corpses could multiply, confirms the showrunner.

The first five episodes, as already mentioned, will be part of a cycle called “Rivervale”, which will be followed by the crossover with “The terrifying adventures of Sabrina”, also announced and particularly awaited by the orphaned fans of the series starring the young witch played by Kiernan Shipka.