Riverscape, Fabrizio Paterlini: “Respecting the times of nature is very important”

Friday 6 October Fabrizio Paterlini released the new album Riverscape, born from the collaboration with Kristel Schneider. The project narrates in music the shots of the Dutch photographer, of which nature is the great protagonist.

fabrizio paterlini, nature in music

Fabrizio Paterlini spoke to us about the birth of the project, the importance of nature in his daily life and why he decided to launch Be in the moment as the first single.

How did the album come about?

Thanks to a chance meeting. Kristel Schneider, a photographer I met years ago, contacted me to create a soundtrack for her work born on the banks of the Allier river. Living a stone’s throw from the Po river I immediately felt involved.

A joint work

Over these two years we have shared photographs and musical ideas.

Nature is at the center

Generally most of my works are related to nature. The countryside in which I live is of key importance, I found my dimension living in a small town of ninety people in the province of Mantua. There are pros and cons obviously, but for example I have a recording studio at home so I can work without schedules and without disturbing people. Each season has a particularity and personally respecting the times of nature is very important.

How come you chose Be in the moment as the first single?

I’m mostly known for solo piano pieces, while this album also features strings and electronic elements so I thought that Be in the moment could represent this work perfectly.

Is there a song you are most attached to?

To the title track because it represents the sum of the album: the hypnotic pace of the piano recalls the apparent calm of the waters and then leaves room for the impetuous and rhythmic progress.

Looking at the future?

At the moment I’m focused on preparing the tour: from Spain to Belgium via Turkey and Holland. Then I’m always working, the goal is to try never to repeat myself.