Rixi: “Even liquid gas for the green transition”

“When it comes to ecological transition and environmental sustainability you cannot do without liquid gas and we cannot help but think of supplying our systems and our vehicles in order to make them ecologically sustainable but also economically convenient “. Edoardo Rixi, Deputy Minister of Infrastructurein the video message sent to the Assogasliquidi-Federchimica assembly which took place today in Rome.

“Today we face the major challenges of decarbonisation and the green transition“, observes Rixi, underlining how” even the issue of gas can be seen as a sustainable and renewable source, especially looking at biogas and green hydrogen and also all those elements such as methane “.

“Obviously – he continues – we need to investments especially with regard to LNG on ports, the possibility of having stable rules for investing in plants and also the ability of our country system to diversify the supply sources of our logistic chain “. Furthermore,” we believe that we must take steps forward also by modifying some environmental regulations that today they make the use of some products very difficult and above all difficult the realization of the systems. The world is changing rapidly, we need a more agile bureaucratic machine and rules that are adequate to the challenges that the contemporary world imposes on us “.