Road accidents, Salvini: “Stricter rules, working to update the Code”

“In Italy the victim-inhabitant ratio is 48.5%”

“The numbers indicate that more people die on Italian roads than in 14 European countries: in the Old Continent the ratio of victims/million inhabitants is 44.7 while in Italy in 2021 the figure reaches 48.5 (it was 40.2 in 2020, but the limitations caused by Covid also weighed). Obviously, those with political responsibilities like me cannot stop at denouncing but must work to propose effective solutions which must then be implemented. With this goal MIT technicians are already working to update the Highway Codealso in the light of innovations such as the intensive use of scooters – especially in cities – and the need to protect those (such as cyclists) who are too often victims of serious negligence by others”. Thus the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini commenting on the Accident Report 2022.

“We have freed up huge resources (4.55 billion only for Anas works from north to south) hoping that 2023 will be the year of construction sites – adds Salvini – More: we have already disbursed 13.5 million to 14 Italian municipalities which recorded the worst figure with respect to pedestrian safety, so as to allow for safety measures”.

“A discussion has already started with my colleagues Matteo Piantedosi and Giuseppe Valditara to design a package of interventions at 360 degrees – explains the deputy prime minister – Let’s imagine more effective and stricter rules, especially for those who cause serious accidents under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but also greater controls and a better approach to road safety education in schools. Without forgetting, of course, the need to make infrastructures safer and more modern: a simple pothole can sometimes be fatal”.