Road safety, Barachini: “A campaign to raise awareness among young people about driving is underway”

A communication campaign to stop the massacres on the asphalt which was created with “the aim of raising awareness and making young people think before getting behind the wheel in unsuitable conditions”. Talking about it is the undersecretary to the presidency with responsibility for Publishing Alberto Barachini in an interview with the ‘Tirreno’. The communication campaign is being disseminated in recent days and produced by the Information and Publishing Department of the Prime Minister’s Office, led by Undersecretary Barachini, in collaboration with the Anti-Drug Department and the Ministry of the Interior.

“First of all there are the latest dramatic events that occurred from autumn to December of this year, with many accidents caused by reckless driving by some drivers. The dramatic, and unfortunately numerous, epilogues of Saturday evening. Phenomena that intensified – he explains – after Covid , as both the Anti-Drug Department and the Ministry of the Interior report to me: as if there had been a compression of young people during the pandemic and a consequent explosion of the desire to live a little dangerously certain evenings, with a return to attending parties and even long distances to reach places of leisure”.

Is this an emergency? “Definitely – she replies – it’s a ‘emergency among children: it is dramatic just to think that we are talking about the first cause of death among the very young. Unfortunately, we are not only protected with awareness campaigns, but also with the law, and therefore if there is a need to update some elements of the Highway Code, it is perhaps possible to introduce deterrent measures to avoid these accidents. On this there will be collaboration with the competent authorities in the matter”.

“We wanted to distribute the spot between Christmas and New Year’s, which is always – continues Barachini – a particularly delicate moment from this point of view. We started on the Rai networks with extensive programming that will last until 7 January. But the campaign is also broadcast on the social channels of Palazzo Chigi with adequate sponsorship. The commercial is aimed above all at the youngest and therefore these channels cannot be overlooked. Then it will go on local radios and we do not rule out taking it to the pages of newspapers. However, given the times, the ‘primary objective was to make the spot”.

Will the campaign continue then? “Absolutely yes. We will continue with other commercials, but above all through testimonials. There is the idea, for example, of involving the MotoGP world champion Francesco Bagnaia and other similar, popular and active figures in the world of sport. We would like to intercept these types of figures because they are the ones who give the best results in the perception of young people” he explains.

What are the most dangerous causes that you highlight? “Definitely an excessive consumption of alcohol, even assuming different types of drinks during the night, combined with a particular tiredness, given the hours in which you get in the car. Then there is everything related to drug use synthetic and non-synthetic which, as the doctors underline, also alter reflexes and perception”. What struck you the most? “The fact that many victims they are innocentin the sense that they remain involved in situations caused by others. As a journalist I have had to follow these events very often, which shock deeply. It’s a topic I’m particularly sensitive to,” she concludes.