Road safety, short film made with the institutions

The film production house September announced “Forever together”

Carla Finelli’s film production company Settembre and the Financial Manager Sonia Giacometti have announced “Forever together” is a short film that has the primary purpose of raising awareness of society and institutions on the issue of road safety. It is a social project launched by Barbara La Rosa, following the battles on the establishment of the crime of road homicide and on the allocation of part of the proceeds from the fines to road safety. The short film sees the participation of Alessandra Scardellato’s Auromovie. The screenwriter and director is Domenico Costanzo. The director, born in Florence, began in the 80s/90s to shoot a series of short films together with Leonardo Pieraccioni, Giorgio Panariello and Carlo Conti.

The short film also sees the participation of Nicola Pistoia; by the very young Mariandrea Cesari, known for the Mediaset fiction Storia di una Famiglia per Bene and by Thomas Camorani, famous for some Netflix films and series such as Summertime and Under the Sun in Riccione. The short is made in collaboration with Digital Soul Srl and with AB Communication. Partners are the Municipality of Sonnino and the Latina Film Commission. The drone operator Mattia Pantaleoni and the DOP Alessandro Bolognesi will also collaborate. “A lot has been done but the tragic news every day of deaths on the streets that do not spare lives, from north to south, show that greater efforts are needed to combat the massacres. From the bus accident on the viaduct in the province of Avellino to the fall of the Morandi bridge, there is the certainty that indifference and superficiality can cause death. Each of us therefore becomes responsible, both when we start driving after drinking and using drugs, and when we repair a road section, and when we commit an offense or drive with a cell phone in hand. This is why we appeal to anyone who wants to commit themselves, thanks to their civic sense, to this project”, commented La Rosa.

The short film involves numerous subjects, including the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the ANCI and the associations of municipalities with mayors and municipal administrations, the municipal police, the traffic police, schools, foundations and third sector bodies. The producer, Carla Finelli, commented: “The production of the short film was guided by the desire to give visibility to a dramatic and social theme, which concerns the ever increasing number of young lives lost on the streets. The narration was handled with great sensitivity and attention by the director, with the aim of keeping the spotlight on this problem and finding solutions to address it”.