Road to Urmi, the shooting of the film with Casper Van Dien has begun

Filming has begun in Agadir, Morocco Road to Urmiwritten and directed by the American filmmaker Frank Gilbert.

International co-production between the United States, Italy and Saudi Arabia, Road to Urmi tells the terrible story of the massacre of the Assyrians perpetrated by the Ottoman army. A little known page of history marked by the death of over a million people between 1914 and 1916 and about which the director declares: “What we recall in the film is a true story with a frightening emotional impact that the world too often seems not to remember. A dark page that someone, sooner or later, had to face on the screen, as people have forgotten the tragedy of my Assyrian people”.

In search of a cure for her son Emanuel’s skin disease, during the First World War Mary, who left the mountainous village of Hakkari, meets Fatma, a Moroccan nurse in the city of Nineveh who helps her without asking for anything in return. While Mary, once back in the village, is arrested together with Emanuel by a battalion of the Ottoman army which takes them to the town of Diar Baker, Fatma finds herself transferred to the same place, where the women are vaccinated against salmonella. She then decides to help her escape to a safe place, but ends up being arrested in her turn. On the other hand, the mother and the child, in the course of their escape, meet a man who is ready to defend them and with whom they form a family.

They are part of the diverse cast Casper Van Dien (Alita – Battle Angel), Natalie Burn (the mercenaries 3), Rewan Elghaba (the TV series The godfather), the Egyptians Hala Marzouk And Yassin Wael Nourthe Moroccan Anas El Baz and the Italians Martina Marotta, Valerio Largo, Antonio Ciarallo And Gianluca Scuotto. The Coach for Hollywood actors is the Italian director Alexander Dervisowhile casting is directed by the actress Ira Naomi Fronten.

Road to Urmi is produced by FG Productions inc., Artemation Productions and the BicProduction Of Daniel Gramiccia.

The technical cast includes the cinematographer Yohan Charinthe author of the soundtrack Erkan Erginci and, in special effects, the Academy Award nominee and two-time David di Donatello winner Victor Sodano.