Robbie Williams, dance album with Lufthaus coming soon

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Robbie Williams is coming back and is ready to do it in style with a new album which could mark yet another turning point in his career. Started as the frontman of Take That in the distant nineties, with the breakup of the group he was able to recycle himself as a soloist, embarking on an extraordinary career, which in the early 2000s brought him to the top of all the charts with songs that entered the history of pop music world. Now he is ready for a new revolution and will soon launch the new album in collaboration with the Lufthaus. Somehow, for him it is a return to dance sounds which accompanied part of his first musical season.

The album with Lufthaus

No information has been provided on the release dates and on the contents of the album, so we don’t even know the title, but insiders say that the pop star is particularly enthusiastic about this new project. The group and Robbie Williams met some time ago and some collaborations were born but no one would have imagined that an album would be born. Williams wanted to trust these young emerging artists, who are now taking their first steps in top-level music. Evidently, he saw potential in them and wants to be the one to baptize their debut album. On the other hand, Williams has always had a particular aptitude for experimentation, just as he has shown that he has no small amount of courage throughout his career. There was no shortage of difficult moments for him but he always knew how to get back up and now that he is universally recognized as a pop star, and always will be, maybe he wants to do his part to help other artists. Since 2020 he has been collaborating with them, or rather, he can be considered the third member of the group.

Who are the Lufthaus

THE Lufthaus they are a formation that, as such, was born in 2020 and has the pop star as its founder together with Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis, two Australian artists. But Metcalfe and Williams had previous knowledge, thanks to a collaboration made in 2012. The band, without Williams, started playing in Ibiza clubs, also enjoying some success but it is only in 2022 that, with the release by Soul Seekers, that fans figured out that the third member of the band was Robbie Williams. In January 2023, three years after the formation of the band, the singer-songwriter announced that the group had enough songs for a record and now the work is ready for release.