Robbie Williams talks about his breakup with Geri Halliwell in the docuseries

In the docuseries Robbie Williamsoutput on November 8 on Netflix (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick), the former Take That singer, 49, looked back the “magical” love story lived in the early 2000s with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. As stated by Williams in the videos that portray the two between jokes and tenderness, the relationship had given him the happiest moments of the last ten years, but due to her paranoid attitude it had not evolved into a longer and more lasting relationship. The story began in a difficult moment in the life of the singer, who he was dating at the time Alcoholics Anonymous. “They suggest you don’t get into a relationship in the first year and I understand that, you can’t even take care of a cactus, let alone someone else,” said Williams, who welcomed Halliwell anyway. “But wherever we went, the paparazzi they were there before we arrived. Truly private and personal moments have become public property.” The singer had even matured the belief that the partner had made an agreement with the photographers to give them shots to publish in the tabloids: “Now I don’t think that’s true for a minute, but at the time I believed it. It just goes to show what being in the spotlight can do to your psyche when you can’t trust anyone.”


The Netflix docuseries sheds light on the chiaroscuro of Williams’ life, for years marked by addictions and emotional problems. One of the most significant videos shows the singer caught by a panic attack during a concert in Leeds. Despite his health conditions, Williams remained on stage and performed again the following evening. On another occasion, the former Take That reflects on the luck he derived from meeting with his wife Aydamarried in 2010, and since the arrival of their four children Teddy, Charlie, Coco and Beau.