Robert Downey Jr. restores antique cars in Downey’s Dream Cars: The Trailer

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Robert Downey Jr. and his eleven-year-old son Exton star in the new trailer Of Downey’s Dream Carsthe HBO Max reality show. A somewhat one-of-a-kind story, which sees the 58-year-old Hollywood heartthrob show the public a preview of his formidable vintage car collection of the sixties and seventies. And now, with the help of industry professionals, will launch the project restore cars in a completely eco-compatible way: a process that will be possible to follow directly on HBO.

Robert Downey Jr and his son Exton in HBO Max’s new reality show

A perfect couple for the new HBO Max reality show. Little Exton’s job, in fact, is clearly to reduce dad’s ego Robert Downey Jr whenever he bloats excessively. “Are we sure he’s the right person to host this show?” Exton says in the trailer addressing the cameras after the Hollywood star used exaggerated adjectives to describe himself. Luckily, though, Robert takes his son’s rants in a tongue-in-cheek way, which could really be one of the show’s strengths.

On the other side is the unbelievable the actor’s passion for vintage cars, especially for those built during his childhood. “Cars from the 60s and 70s make your heart beat a little faster,” Robert declares at the beginning of the trailer for Downey’s Dream Cars. And now that he finally managed to collect some of his favorite car models, Robert finally chose to put together a team of professionals who were ready to restore them without polluting the planet. A perfect script for a new reality show.

From classic cars to hybrid cars

Downey’s Dream Cars is not only a reality show, but also an incredibly ambitious project. Using the skills of a team of professionals, Robert Downey Jr. intends to transform classic cars in hybrid carsand in some cases even in electric cars. In short, the new HBO Max series will really give big surprises to viewers who are both Downey Jr. and car enthusiasts. The premiere will air on HBO Max on next June 22nd, but the expectation of viewers is already very high. And we know that this will only inflate the famous Hollywood star’s ego again and again.