Robert Smith is disgusted by the excessive ticket prices of his concert

The Cure’s upcoming North American tour has caused controversy surrounding Ticketmaster’s high fees. Band leader Robert Smith has been vocal on Twitter about his dissatisfaction with the charges, which have exceeded actual ticket prices, despite a promise to keep prices affordable for fans.

The Cure ticketing strategy

Last week, The Cure announced a 30-date US tour beginning in New Orleans on May 10 and ending in Florida on July 1. In an email to fans, Robert Smith said that the band had agreed to keep ticket prices at a reasonable level, and that there would be no “platinum” or “dynamically priced” tickets on this tour.

Additionally, the band advised that the tickets would not be transferable in order to minimize resale and keep prices at face value. However, after the Verified Fan sale went live on March 15, some fans reported that Ticketmaster fees exceeded the price of actual tickets.

Robert Smith’s reviews

Robert Smith tweeted his dissatisfaction with Ticketmaster’s fees, saying he was “disgusted” by the “Ticketmaster ‘fees’ debacle”. Furthermore, he explained that the band has no way of limiting these charges, and has been asking how they are justified.

Smith also warned fans against buying from scalpers, explaining that ticket reselling and exchange company StubHub had taken out listings in all markets except a few cities that have laws protecting scalpers.