Roberto Saviano, a terrific heritage: do you know how much he earns with Gomorrah?

A screaming heritage for the writer Roberto Saviano: do you know how much he earns with Gomorrah? A creepy figure

Saviano is one of the most famous writers in Italy. He achieved success with the novel “Gomorra”, where he denounced the illicit trafficking of the Camorra, shedding light on many things. A television series was taken from the novel, still on air with the fifth and final season. Its assets have grown dramatically over the years. Here’s what it amounts to.

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How much is Roberto Saviano’s assets? (Source: Instagram)

Roberto Saviano’s heritage

Roberto Saviano is a Neapolitan writer, journalist and screenwriter. He achieved success with his debut novel, “Gomorrah“, Where he uses literature and reportage to tell the economic, territorial and business reality of the Camorra and organized crime in a more general sense.

After the publication of the novel, the writer received numerous death threats from the Camorra cartels of the Casalesi clan, whose actions he denounced in his exposition and in the Casal di Principe square during a demonstration for legality. Since then he has been subjected to a strict protection protocol and from 13 October 2006 he foresees that he lives under guard. He has collaborated and collaborates with numerous very important international and Italian newspapers.

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To date his heritage it really is a scream. As Panorama reports, for the novel “Gomorra” Saviano would have cashed a check for 50 thousand euros, which has risen over the years to reach 2 million euros in 2009. The writer raised 13 million euros in loot in the first decade of business. The success of “Gomorrah” is then joined by that of “ZeroZeroZero”, an investigation book on cocaine and South American narcos, and “La paranza dei bambini”.

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Saviano, however, is not just a writer, he has also been a television personality for years now. According to the newspaper “La Verità”, the contracts with TV and film productions have brought him about 500 thousand euros. There is the one signed with La7 for about 400 thousand euros, the one with the Fascino of Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo around 350 thousand euros, in addition to the attendance fees received between Rai and Mediaset. Journalistic collaborations are obviously not to be neglected. Finally, overseas, he would be the sole shareholder of a 1 million euro company.