Robin Williams, the daughter against the AI ​​reproduction of the late actor’s voice

Zelda Williamsdaughter of the late Robin Williams, criticized the artificial intelligence used to recreate his father’s voice. “I am not an impartial voice in the Screen Actors Guild’s fight against AI,” the woman, who supports the US actors’ union’s protest against Hollywood Studios, wrote in an Instagram story. “I have witnessed for years how many people want to train these models to create/recreate actors who cannot consent, like Dad. This is not theoretical, this is very very real.” Zelda continued: “I’ve heard before that the AI ​​made her “her voice” say what people wanted and while I personally find that disturbing, the consequences go far beyond my feelings. Living actors deserve a chance to create characters with their choices, to give voice to cartoons, to dedicate their human effort and time to the pursuit of performance.” The woman’s observations came shortly after the end of the strike of the Writers Guild of America, the American screenwriters’ union, which with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the association representing production companies and streaming platforms , has reached an agreement that includes restrictions on the use of AI in film and television. SAG-AFTRA, which instead continues the protest with the consequent blocking of Hollywood productions, will resume negotiations with the AMPTP this week. “These reproductions are, at their best, a poor facsimile of larger people, but at their worst, a hideous Frankenstein’s monsterput together from the worst pieces of everything this industry is, instead of what it should represent” concluded Zelda.


Williams died by suicide in 2014 at the age of 63. The actor suffered from anxiety, severe depression and Parkinson’s disease and an autopsy revealed that he also suffered from the neurodegenerative disease Lewy body dementia. Almost ten years after his passing, Williams’ voice will resonate in Once Upon a Studiothe short film celebrating 100 years of the Disney animation studio, released on 16 October on Disney+ (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick), in the role of the Genie of the Lamp, the character of Aladdin originally voiced by the actor himself. Josh GadOlaf’s voice in Frozenconfirmed that the short film contains “unpublished dialogues” recorded by Williams before his death and used with the consent of the rights holders of his properties.