Robots and superheroes, comics staged with dance and balloon!

The Astra Roma Ballet, founded and directed by Diana Ferrara, will be on the bill in Cerveteri at the Rilievi in ​​Danza Festival and then on tour in Indonesia in Jakarta, Yogyacarta and Bali.

Robots and modern superheroes, technological and digitized universes. On stage the imagery of cartoons with ‘Balloon! (comics), the latest creation signed for the Astra Roma Ballet by two young creators, Fausto Paparozzi and Giada Primiano also performers alongside Federica Bisceglia, Giorgia Montepaone, Alessandro Scavello and Alex Provinciali. After the debut in Montalto di Castro and the replicas at the Dance Festival – city of Rapallo and at the VIII Festival of Labro, the tour of the historic company founded and directed by Diana Ferrara, former étoile of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, will continue on 4 September in Cerveteri (Rm) as part of the Reliefs in Dance Festival by Paola Sorressa,

“‘Balloon’ reconfirms the vocation and attention of the company towards the young author’s dance – explains Diana Ferrara to Adnkronos – which in particular in this show, divided into two parts, ‘A new world’ and ‘Time score ‘, he questions the environment and digital transition, the impact that these issues have had on man, especially on an emotional level, on the birth of new human dynamics, even more traditional, based on love and family. they worked independently following the same fil rouge, that of robotics and comic imagery – he added – to then combine their creations through the universal language of dance to compose a skilful dramaturgy, with a cinematic scent “.

“The result is that of a contemporary fairytale – continued Diana Ferrara – a sort of Pinocchio 2.0, in which the protagonists dance scrolling through the voices of Matteo Vitelli and Irene Battaglia, images, movements and sequences”. The original music is by Marco Schiavoni, a sound carpet that, in the words of the authors, “lends itself to the onomatopoeic grammar of comics”, but also to the frenetic and minimalist dance of the characters. “In this way the cold and detached archetype of the robot is overturned and we go in search of humanity – explained the director of the Astra Roma Ballet – of feeling and empathy, delving into the fragility of a hyper-digitized generation”. After Cerveteri ‘Balloon! (comics) will then fly to Indonesia for an international tour that will take place from 18 to 30 September and will stop in Jakarta, Yogyacarta and Bali.