Roby Facchinetti, the mourning that changed his life forever: sad confession

A mourning changed Roby Facchinetti’s life forever, the singer-songwriter let himself go to a sad confession

A career full of successes, but life holds both positive and negative moments. One bereavement in particular changed the life of the former member of the Pooh forever. The singer-songwriter moved everyone with a poignant confession.

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A mourning changed Roby Facchinetti’s life forever: his words (Source: Instagram)

The mourning that changed Roby Facchinetti’s life forever

Roby Facchinetti, stage name for Camillo Lorenzo Ferdinando Facchinetti, is a well-known artist born in Bergamo on 1 May 1944. He is 77 years old and has become famous as a member of the historic band of Pooh, of which he was keyboard player and voice. He joined the ensemble a few months after its foundation, replacing the English organist Guilbert “Bob” Gillot.

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With the famous band he wrote indelible pages in the history of Italian music. He has signed many great record hits, such as “Thought”, “We two in the world and in the soul”, “Give me just a minute”, “Who will stop the music”, “Lonely men” and many others.

After leaving Pooh, he embarked on a solo career and also launched into the world of television, playing the role of coach with his son for The Voice of Italy. Recently he has recorded songs that have become very famous, such as “Reborn, Reborn” and “Let me fly”, with the words of his friend and colleague Stefano D’Orazio.

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Roby Facchinetti surprises: "Covid can also be fought like this"

A mourning changed Roby Facchinetti’s life forever. In the last few hours, the former voice of the Pooh posted a long post on Instagram dedicated to the friend Valerio Negroni, who passed away 9 years ago. The post thrilled Facchinetti’s fans.

“Dear Valerio” – Roby writes on the popular social network – “Nine years have already passed since that last phone call of ours, from that cursed evening of darkness, snow and pain. For nine years you have suddenly left: leaving an unbridgeable void in our hearts, and when I say “our hearts” I mean the hearts of us, your friends and colleagues, obviously of your family, but also of the people, of the many who they followed, loved, read, sang “.

Negroni’s death literally changed Facchinetti’s life: “Since then our lives have never been the same, dear Valerio. And how many regrets have grown in me. How many extraordinary things we have done, lived together and will never be able to repeat, never will they be able to return; how beautiful, strong, miraculous was our alchemy, an alchemy which was also unrepeatable “.

Facchinetti concluded the long post, saying: “You must also have stamped your passport to the stars, Valerio, in that dark night; but since you usually brought the stars into the house with your poetry, now evidently they are the ones who bring us you, your memory, your lesson, a presence that, like your art, will really never die. I hug you tightly, my friend and brother “.