Roccella on Sky TG24: “A law will soon be in Parliament to prevent feminicide”

The majority, explains the Minister of Family Affairs, is working on a provision to have “certain times for risk assessment”. We need to “separate the violent man from the victim and break the spiral of violence”. Specific interventions are also planned in schools, “because this culture must be fought at multiple levels”

A law will soon be in Parliament to combat the phenomenon of femicide. The Minister of the Family, Eugenia Roccella, spoke about it on Sky TG24, explaining how “we have a good system of laws, even if there are some flaws especially from the point of view of application. Europe has condemned us on this. We went to intervene there, on prevention.” According to the minister, “to combat this culture we need to intervene at multiple levels, which is why we will also act in schools and I am in contact with Minister Valditara. The freedom of women must be reiterated and on this the government, which for the first time has a woman as prime minister, he is intervening in an important way.”

What does the femicide law consist of?

As the minister declared, “we have decided to strengthen the precautionary measures, starting from the simplest, the warning, which the police commissioner can issue, up to the electronic bracelet or the ban on frequenting places where the victim may be. “The objective is to separate the violent man from the victim and interrupt the cycle of violence. Perhaps there are small gestures, within the home, which should not be underestimated but fought clearly.” Roccella focused on one point in particular, highlighting how it is what Europe was asking for: “Give certain times. We have asked the judiciary to act quickly to assess the risk, it is not possible to wait months. Now the prosecutor will only have a month to decide whether in the specific case it is necessary to resort to precautionary measures”.