Rocco Hunt, the new song is Let’s not fight anymore

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Rocco Hunt released the new single We don’t fight anymore. In parallel with the release of the song, the rapper also distributed the official video clip.

rocco hunt, the video clip of let’s not fight anymore

The artist decided to make the audience dance to the tune of We don’t fight anymore. The song immediately got a great response thanks to the video clip capable of collecting tens of thousands of views on YouTube in less than twenty-four hours.

Song after song Rocco Hunt has established himself as one of the most loved and popular voices of Italian rap. His media explosion took place in 2014 with victory in the New Proposals section of the Festival Of San Remo thanks to the song No good day.

Two years later the rapper returned to the stage of the music festival presenting the song Wake Up.

Among the most famous songs of Rocco Hunt we find come with me, Welcome to Italy And Stu core belong to you. Space then also for collaborations, among which I wanted to dedicate you with J-Ax and Boomdabash, One step away from the moon with Ana Mena and Caramel with Elettra Lamborghini and Lola Indigo.