Rocco Papaleo guest at Stories. Monday 10 April at 21 on Sky TG24

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AND Rocco Papaleo the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the cycle of interviews with the main interpreters of the Sky TG24 show (THE SPECIAL). Guest of the deputy editor of the newspaper Omar Schillacidirected by Robert Contactsthe actor tells himself in “Rocco Papaleo – The cinema singer-songwriter”on air Monday 10 April at 21 on Sky TG24 it is always available On Demand.

at the cinema with the new film “Scordato”

It will be in the room from 13 April with his new film “Scordato” (Produced by Indiana Production, Less Is More Productions and Vision Distribution, in collaboration with Sky). “It’s the story of a piano tuner “out of tune” – said the actor – in the sense that it is not in harmony with the context. And through a narrative trick, she relives some focal episodes of his life and slowly unties the knots to get to… “agree”. It’s not for me to say, but in my opinion it’s my best film”. Giorgia, the singer, also appears among the actors: “He has always been my idol. I had this character in the movie and I thought she was perfect for this role and so I met her. We talked and made a promise: we would do a training period of about a month, work on her character, on acting, with the possibility of being able to withdraw at any time both she and I. In the end, neither of them backed down”.

a journey between irony and memories

Irony and memories in the chat that retraces some stages of his life and career. From the house where he was born: “When I go back to my area I live there, it is a house I am very attached to, especially now that I look out on the balcony and look at the skyline of the mountains, I get excited”. As a child, he recalls, “I was lively and bright, these two qualities gave me charisma and I seemed very intelligent. I was considered one of the first in the class but I wasn’t really one to bang my head on books. There was a bit of this overestimation of me for these qualities I had, in school and in life”.

So, drama school (“A friend of mine signed me up. Yes, I was funny, but I was unaware that it could become a job. At the limit I thought I was a songwriter, that is, I’m a songwriter”) and many films: from “The Graduates” by Leonardo Pieraccioni (“When he chose me, he enthusiastically told me about the film and said: ‘Now go home and read it and let me know’. And I replied: ‘but I’ll let you know. It’s not like I have these 50 scripts waiting for me at home. I’ll tell you right away yes, yes!”) to the “Moschettieri del re – The penultimate mission” by Giovanni Veronesi in which he kissed Pierfrancesco Favino on the set (“In this I would never have accepted the stunt double because in any case I had the opportunity to kiss Favino. It is a widespread desire in Italy“), to “You only live once” by Carlo Verdone (“Working with him was a dream come true for me”). And then “Basilicata coast to coast”: “It’s my life movie, the one you’ve had in your drawer for a long time. It is very personal, the inspiration for which came almost by chance from a monologue I did in my theater-song shows”. The relationship with music is inevitable: the singer-songwriter Max Gazzè is present in “Basilicata coast to coast” as in “Scordato” Giorgia: “There’s this strong connection in my life between music and everything else”. And to the question: “would like to be more …” the answer was “Handsome! Even a little less than Favino, I don’t want unattainable things”.