Rocío Marengo announced unexpected news and said that she is retiring from television: “this is my last project”

A new chapter of elimination was lived this Monday in “Aquí se baila”, where 7 couples faced each other dancing to disco music, to be evaluated with a note by the jury made up of Neilas Katinas, Karen Connolly and Aníbal Pachano.

In the end, the two lowest scores faced off in a final battle to pick the second eliminated from the show, with Connolly’s secret note.

The first couple to go on stage was the one made up of Nicole Gaultier and Felipe Román, who danced “On the radio” by Donna Summer. They ended unexpectedly, as Felipe ended up injured in his nose and required some medical assistance. “It was a small blow in the last sequence,” Felipe, already recovered, explained to Sergio Lagos, who put on Nicole’s spectacular wig.

In the jury’s evaluation, the three agreed that Nicole had a great look and put on a great show, looking looser in the execution, although the side by side dance needed to be better synchronized and the final lift was dirty. Neilas gave him 6 points and Aníbal gave him 7.

The next couple were Hernan Contreras and Fran Zepeda, who danced to “You should be dancing”, by the Bee Gees. Once again it was a bumpy dance, because in the last step Fran almost fell out of Hernán’s hands.

Despite the mishap, attributed to the fact that the last diagonal did not raise it enough, in the evaluation the three jurors congratulated Hernán for the step on his knees “a la Travolta”, and the actor recreated it on stage. Neilas gave him 7 points and Aníbal gave him 8.

Kurt Carrera and Yenima Muñoz were next, and they danced to “Celebration”, by DJ Bobo. After his performance, Kurt said that he felt that he was badly evaluated in his previous performance, and that it depresses him because he doesn’t want Yenima not to dance because of her.

At judging, Pachano apologized for being too harsh on Kurt, giving him 5 points and noting that he should try playing with humor in his next performances to make up for his lack of technique. Neilas had the same opinion, adding that this was his best presentation so far and also giving it a 5. Karen, meanwhile, highlighted Yenima and the lifts.

The next couple was Kike Faúndez and Melissa Briones, who danced an intense version of Kiss’s “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”, which they closed by going to the jury. At the end, Kike maintained that she is happy that the new generations are preparing to take her place.

When evaluating, the judges highlighted the aggressive look of the couple, the energy of the choreography and the virtuosity, although Kike still looks somewhat tough and tense. Neilas gave them 8 points and Aníbal gave them 9.

The following were Rocio Marengo and Pancho Solar, who danced “Dancing queen” by ABBA. After her presentation, Rocío apologized because after her previous presentation she had left the studio angrily, claiming that she did not understand her proposal.

Neilas replied to Rocío that when three jurors do not understand the proposal, it is probably because the proposal was not right. The three jurors criticized that the song chosen this time was too slow, so the choreography looked dull and it seemed that Rocío was walking instead of dancing. Neilas gave it a 4 and Pachano a 5.

The next couple that came by was Emmanuel Torres and Daniela Acevedo, who danced to “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. Unfortunately, in the middle of the presentation, the Mexican went blank and forgot the choreography, to the surprise of everyone in the studio. Asked about it by Sergio, the young man confessed that they prepared it very well yesterday because they never imagined that they would be eliminated.

The jury was drastic with Emmanuel. Karen criticized Daniela for not helping the young man when she went blank, while Neilas maintained that anyone goes blank, but they should have resumed the same and they needed to take it more seriously. Pachano was the toughest, as he said that this was “an embarrassment” and cannot happen between professionals. Neilas gave it a 1, and Aníbal said that he gave it a 1, “although it should be a 0”.

After that tense moment, the last couple passed by, Claudio Moreno and Laura Vasquez, who danced to “Instant Replay” by Dan Hartman. After the presentation, Claudio confessed to Sergio how difficult this program is for him. “In my last presentation I was destroyed, I hit rock bottom artistically,” said the actor, although he now said he had enjoyed it a lot.

In the evaluation, the three jurors agreed that he was much better than last time, it was his best presentation so far, and Claudio seemed energetic and following the steps well. Claudio confessed that he went to help written memories to remember the steps, which was celebrated by Pachano, who gave him a grade 9. Neilas, meanwhile, gave him a grade 6.

At the end, Karen Connolly’s secret notes were revealed: a 7 for Nicole, a 7 for Hernán, a 7 for Claudio, a 5 for Kurt, a 9 for Kike, a 4 for Rocío and a 1 for Emmanuel. With this, adding only 3 points in total, Emmanuel Torres was the worst evaluated and had to define his permanence in a final duel against the second worst grade, Rocío Marengo, with 14 points.

In her 45 seconds, Rocío danced “Despacito”, by Luis Fonsi. Emmanuel then danced a stunning rendition of “Il Mondo” by Il Volo. At the time of the jury’s deliberation, Aníbal asked for the floor and announced that he does not agree that Emmanuel has changed his clothes between his presentation and the final duel. Then, Karen announced that the duel was won by Emmanuel, by split decision, with which the second eliminated from the program is Rocío Marengo.

The Argentine, along with being grateful for the opportunity to return to Chile, made an unexpected announcement: that she is retiring from TV for now, since she will go to live in Miami with her boyfriend. “I have been thinking about this for a long time. In principle it is a sabbatical year, I have thought about it for a long time and new projects always appeared and I felt sorry and postponed it, it has been 20 years of non-stop work between both countries. I adapted to everything, but now we have to stop. I’m going to live in Miami, this is my last project… I’m going to live with my boyfriend in the United States in May”he commented after his elimination.

About her final duel, the trans-Andean woman assured that she deliberately put little effort into her dance. “It was bad luck, it was unthinkable that Emmanuel would go blank and forget about the choreography. When I saw that I said ‘No! Impossible!’. But it happened, and that’s why I did my final 45 seconds knowing that it was my last dance.”he confessed.