RØDECaster Pro II, the test of the new audio console

The second generation of the RØDECaster brings improved audio quality, in a portable, lightweight and even smaller all-in-one console. It is therefore not simply an update, the RØDECaster Pro II is a completely new product but the result of the experience of its predecessor, which had the merit of bringing the world of professional audio closer to ordinary people, or who could be intimidated by interfaces audio of traditional mixers.

What is it and who is it for?

The RØDECaster Pro II is a console that allows you to make a leap in audio quality, not only for podcasters, but also for live-streamers or anyone who needs to do live audio directing, and also for musicians, who want to record outside a studio. It is called by RØDE all-in-one console because it has all the tools of a professional studio working with audio, but compressed in a single tool. The console, which is distributed in Italy by Midimusic, has a range of uses that goes from those approaching audio for the first time to music professionals. It is a portable audio studio, because it is light, with a more compact design and which we find more elegant than its predecessor: it is approximately 30 cm large and weighs less than 2 kg, so you can put it in a backpack and take it with you. But it needs a power outlet in order to work.

The Importance of Aphex Preamps

The big difference compared to the predecessor, however, is in the audio quality, clearly superior, given by the new Aphex preamplifiers, installed inside the RØDECaster Pro II, which return a sound quality typical of a recording studio, but with the flexibility to use it in various situations. We tested it ourselves for months, working on the go in different places and circumstances, without losing any of the quality of a radio studio. In fact, the Aphex preamplifiers, one of the most prestigious amplifier brands, which was acquired by RØDE, enhance the qualities of the microphone used and have very low noise and higher gain than the previous model.

The technical characteristics

The new Rode console has:

  • 9 audio channels, 6 physical and 3 virtual;
  • 4 headphone outputs, of which the first has more options for directing;
  • 4 combo jacks, where you can plug microphones or musical instruments;
  • 2 inputs for external speakers;
  • Space for a microSD card, onto which multitrack or stereo can be recorded directly;
  • A dual USB-C interface for connecting 2 computers or a hard drive and a mobile device.

However, the smartphone can also always be connected via Bluetooth to record phone calls or transmit audio. We appreciated the user-friendly interface of its almost 14 cm high-definition color touchscreen with tactile feedback, which makes directing easy and intuitive.

Then there are the 8 iconic, colorful and customizable Smart-Pads, where you can load sound effects, audio transitions and fades or MIDI commands, and you can even set the lighting. Both RØDE and other brands microphones can be used without distinction on this console, ie RØDE’s is not a closed system, a move that is not obvious and which we appreciated. The RØDECaster Pro2 connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or with a network cablepFor very high quality audio streaming and so that you can update or load software. RØDE also provides firmware updates whenever it fixes problems reported by users. It has a quad-core audio processor that gives high performance and processes information quickly. If we were to be picky, this RØDECaster Pro II is perhaps still too big. The 3 virtual faders have made the console much thinner than before, but you could still cut a cm.

The price

The price of the RØDECaster Pro II is higher than other audio consoles, currently 729 euros, but it is justified by the possibilities it offers. In fact, it has a variety of uses: for recordings, for example, you can attach 2 microphones and set one to the right channel and the other to the left channel, to capture a fuller stereo sound. Or in streaming you can use a USB input to connect the console to the computer from which to broadcast and to the other USB input you can connect for example to Discord voice chat or get other sounds.

Our considerations

In short, in summary it is much more than an audio console, with functions that at the broadcast level would cost at least four times more. And if such a product risks being too full of functions for those who simply need an audio mixer, considering the times with which RØDE brings this kind of product to the market, if a person decides to undertake the profession of podcaster or a streamer to improve in audio, this is the product to invest in. A curiosity, to conclude, in the unboxing of the product we find in addition to the console, a power cable with a USB-C input, an extra Type-C cable, but not the instruction booklet, only a QR that leads to the app, where the instructions are.

Pros and cons


  • All the functions of a professional studio in a small and light console
  • Elegant and colorful design which makes directing intuitive


  • High cost (although justified by the possibilities it offers)
  • It doesn’t have batteries: it needs the power cord to be able to work